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3 Reasons Why You Need Reviews on Rentpad
   by Ice Artificio  •  Jul 18, 2017  •  General
When travelling to foreign, unfamiliar places, our knee-jerk reaction has been to look for reviews from reputable people. This is why bloggers and experts have become our go-to places for advice or to see if their experience was pleasant and worth recommending. When a prominent name has not spoken about a brand or a service, people look at other people’s experiences and how consistent it has been.

This brings us to the importance of getting quality, honest reviews for your units. Here are three reasons why getting reviews are good for you:

1. They point out interesting details outside your description
The problem with a long description for your apartment for rent is that nobody reads them. Our attention spans have shortened significantly over the years that creating effective copies or descriptions for your units need to be short and sweet for a user to actually read it. The beauty in encouraging your clients to share their experience is that not only do they provide a more personal take on what made their lease memorable, people are more likely to remember small things that made their stay unforgettable - things that you may have been doing out of habit. This also encourages lessors and their employees to maintain quality service every time.

2. It’s a good place to build your brand
When you’re starting out as a lessor whether you are a broker or a landlord, it may be difficult to compete with established brand names. Big companies that can afford advertising will always be the first thing people remember when recommending or searching for a place to stay. Getting real reviews from people takes more of a slow word-of-mouth type of approach. The recommendations and experiences are more personal and relatable. This way you build slowly on the trust of people that have used your services with solid reviews that are credible and trustworthy.

3. It is a good channel for constructive criticism
A good review is not just one that sings praise, but also one that objectively recognizes areas of opportunity where we could improve. Many people shy away from confrontation or feel that complaining directly may not yield any response. Deal with bad reviews swiftly and professionally. Recognize their pains and apologize sincerely. A good brand provides excellent service. A great brand provides the best service they can and listens to bad feedback to make a better experience for their client, and ultimately, a better reputation.

So now, how do you get started in getting reviews on Rentpad?

After closing the deal or when you renew a contract is the best time to ask your tenants to write you a review. This way, the memory of their experience of dealing with you is fresh and not during a random time when something may have upset them.

Here's how to ask for a review on Rentpad:
  1. Login to your account on Rentpad
  2. On your account panel, navigate to the Reviews tab
  3. On the Reviews tab, click on 'Request for reviews'

Here’s one of our real estate brokers, Sarah. You can find her profile here

The beauty in providing a link to your profile where they can write a review is that the same page carries all the listings you have, showing off your current listings to a client who may decide to recommend your units or upgrade.

It also helps to build your own profile to complement the reviews at the bottom of the page. This way, you can have a short description of yourself or the company you represent and let the reviews do the talking.

What’s the best compliment you’ve received for providing excellent accommodations and good service? We’d love to hear them in the comments below :)

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mary grace stein
I love Rentpad because it's always updated and I receive email everytime there's new info..

Ice Artificio
Thanks Mary Grace! Happy to hear you like our email updates :) Cheers!

Jonibelle Deguzman
It was my firstime to use rentpad and I must say, what they put on the description is REAL. I will surely recommend this site. Thank you rentpad!

Jonibelle Deguzman
we had a great family bonding in Rhapsody c/o Clarice Nuguid & hubby. Very accomodating! till our next family bonding! Thank you in behalf of my family ??

Janette Duran
It was my first time to use this rentpod,


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