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5 Tips to Get More Inquiries on Rentpad
   by Chux Hizon  •  Mar 15, 2019  •  General
As I was looking for a condo to rent for my family's staycation, I did get to browse a number of listings on Rentpad. I ended up however inquiring with only some of them and not all of them.

Reflecting on my decision making at the time, it seemed that there are features of some listings that made me want to engage and send an inquiry.

Digging further, it turns out that what made me want to send an inquiry are features like having some nice and generous photos, well curated description, and a profile photo of the owner.

And I figured I wanted to share this insight to you, in the hopes that it will help you and encourage you to craft your best listings and profile to ultimately produce you more positive results.

Here are the points in summary:

1. Have profile photo
Better yet, have a decent one- a profile photo with a smile. Its no different from LinkedIn or Facebook or in other social networking sites where you tend to want to connect with authentic people.

In the online world, we are given the option to be authentic, or to be robot-like. As marketers, being authentic is an edge above your competition who is not willing to be authentic.

2. Upload some nice photos
Showcase your unit well. Have complete photos including the bedroom, the living room, the kitchen, bathroom, balcony and other interesting parts of your unit.

It only takes a few snaps and almost all of us have supercomputers with capable cameras in our pockets anyway.

3. Craft an authentic description (doesn't have to be long)
It's obvious if the text description was copied and pasted from one site to another. There is no humanity and authenticity about it. Take the time to write a few words, in your own words and sound human, rather than sounding corporate or robotic.

4. Accummulate reviews
This is one of the most interesting parts of your profile in the eyes of your future clients. This tells about you, how you deal with people and will help them instantly decide on whether to transact with you or not.

If you want to learn more about having reviews, we have a full post about it here.

5. Set your pricing right
Don't be too far away from the pack, and don't be too low either. In the age of today, renters do not look for the cheapest one available nor the most expensive. They look for what is sensible and the one that connects with them the most.

So there you go. I hope this helps somebody and if you have anything in mind at all that you want to ask, or need advice on, please let me know and comment below.

Comments  💬
Ides Rosales
Very nice guidelines.. I will do it..

Elmer Quilala
Very helpful. Thanks Rentpad team


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