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6 Things to Remember When Leaving Your Condo for Long Vacations
   by Ice Artificio  •  Jan 05, 2017  •  General
The holiday season is among us again. With Christmas right around the corner, the malls are hectic, the roads are busy, and many of us make plans on visiting families or loved ones during the holiday vacation.

Amidst all the hustle and bustle, let us not forget that this is also a time where many take advantage of the noise, leading to many home invasions. This busy season also opens up potential domestic accidents and other minor things that can be easily overlooked or forgotten.

If you are leaving your apartments or condominiums unattended during the holidays, here are a few reminders and tips on top of your holiday checklist to help make your holiday vacations worry free

Keep valuables out of sight
Thanks to the extra dues you pay for, you have provided security for your condo or apartment area. But as an extra measure, it would be ideal to keep valuables that you cannot bring with you in an inconspicuous place. This applies to jewellery, gadgets, and other small valuables that can easily be hidden and shuffled away.

Pull out plugs and turn off electricity and water
Turning off your water supply means if a pipe bursts while you’re not there, you won’t go home to a waterworld. At the same time, turning off the main plug of your electricity adds an extra measure of security in case you forget anything while rushing.

Inform your condo admin of your vacation plans
The good part about living in apartments and condominiums is that there will almost always be someone in the premises. Inform your condo admin when you will be leaving and returning so they can expect that there will be no activity in your unit and can be notified if people look for you or try to enter your unit.

Don’t buy any perishables
Sounds simple right? But with all the parties, take-homes, and the traditional pabalot, it’s easy to forget not to buy perishables during this season. You don’t want to be assaulted by rotten food smells when you get home, neither do you want to give ants, roaches and other pests an invitation to enter your home. Resist the urge to buy fresh produce and anything that spoils in a week (or more if you’re going to be gone longer). Better yet, if you have fresh food, it may be a good idea to give it away or donate it to the less fortunate.

Throw away all trash and biodegradables
Similar to leaving out perishables, anything biodegradable must go before you leave. If you can squeeze in some time, a general cleaning before you go is a good idea.

Do not leave dirty laundry or wet clothes
Another possible source of pungent smell are dirty clothes (the wet ones will come at you with a fury if you leave them unattended). Bring all clothes to your trusty laundromat and ask them to not deliver it until you return.

It’s a short list but with all the things in our heads at this time, a shorter to do list is a more doable one right? We hope you make the best out of the holiday vacation even as it is relatively shorter this year.

Do you have any more pro tips in keeping your home safe? Let us know in the comments below :)

Happy holidays!

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John Michael
Thank you for this wonderful post. I will surely follow all of this during our vacation.


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