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7 Items That Are Cluttering Your Apartment
   by Ice Artificio  •  May 16, 2017  •  General
Living in an apartment means you have limited limited space to work with. While it may not have that much of an immediate impact in larger homes, it is easy to see how an untidy mass can overwhelm a small space. Also, having more space means more airflow and a cooler environment. And if you’re in the Philippines in the summer, you know how hot the weather can get - making any and all means to cool down a necessity.

Here are a few things in your home that are contributing to the clutter in your apartment that you can/should dispose of:

Old clothes
It’s difficult to let go of your clothes, especially if they still look new. But that’s probably the reason why they still look new: because you never wear them. Don’t wait for you to drop three sizes to fit into those. It would be best to just gather them, put it in a bag and sell or donate them to someone who needs them more than you do. Look for clothes that you haven’t worn for around eight months to a year and ask yourself, “if I'm going anywhere important today, will I wear this?” I your answer is no, toss it.

Lone socks
Let's face it: socks almost always lose their partner sock, no matter how much you try to keep them together. At this point, it’s best to just let go of the sock that have lost its partner. Throw them away or recycle them (I use mine as rags or pan holders). Do yourself a favor and buy a couple of new pairs. You can roll them together before you put them in the laundry bag to prevent separation during washing. Or do like I do, buy plain socks with the same make and design. This way you’ll always have 2 socks of the same kind available.

Outdated bills
Many of us have a habit of keeping our year old bills, thinking we might need them for reference, or some other use in the future. Electricity, water, phone, and other utility bills - they may seem like a few harmless pieces of paper at first, but at some point, they start to take space. So what do you do? Scan or take a picture of utility bills that are more than 18 months old then shred them. Make a habit of shredding any document that has personal information in them before throwing it in the bin. Throw away receipts and other bills that you will no longer use. This way you can neatly organize receipts or bills that you will actually use like warranties, or receipts you will file for tax or reimburse in the office.

Business Cards
How many business cards do you still have in your pocket or drawers? How many of those are not yours? Unless they’re the ones you are handing out, it’s time to let them go. In this day and age where it is easy to convert them to digital information available as long as you have your smartphone or access to a computer. Transfer the card information in your phone and take a photo if you liked the design.

Damaged hangers
Not only are they inefficient, they damage your favorite clothes. Broken wire hangers are the worst once they start to rust and stain any cloth they can latch onto.Go for high quality hangers to help your coats and other delicate clothing pieces keep their shape and stay wrinkle free and fold the others for extra closet space.

Dish Sponges
Pretty self-explanatory right? You use these to clean your dishes, spoons, forks, knives, pans, everything you use to handle food. Eventually, they will wear down and bad bacteria will start to reside in them. Dispose of your old ones and get new sponges once they start getting soggy and dull- about every three weeks or so . You’ll appreciate the food you prepare when you’re sure that all the utensils you use are squeaky clean.

Old chargers and cords
Old cords and chargers are almost always a tangled mess sprawled in a drawer somewhere. They take so much space and we both know that you wouldn’t be needing them anymore. The same goes for old cords and cables that no longer work properly. Sift through your electronics and throw those out.

Clutter builds up slowly and before you know it, you have a mountain of unnecessary items in your home that takes space and contributes to the mess. Mind the small things to prevent pile up and accumulation of things you don’t need in your home and it wouldn’t be a chore.

Feel free to share your ideas on the comments section below.

Happy renting!

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Nanette Reyes
One of the many things that I love about Rentpad are their blogs. I hope to see more posts soon!

cecille peralta
True thanks for sharing im not living in an apartment, we have our own house but yeah you are right, im a very busy person but i think i have to do this

Simple yet handy ideas! Don't wait till you have a pile of clutter in your unit! Cheers!

Gordon Ho
Good suggestions.

Leilani Magbitang
papers, old magazines, shoes and books.. donate donate, unless you have plans on starting an Ukay ukay shop

Linda Bataican
After reading I will surely do what you have suggested. Thank you

Janice Atienza
Make a habit of removing clutters once every year so they don't pile up. Buy only things that you need and will use and just by impulse because it is cheap , believe me it wil just be a part of you pile of unused gadgets. Donate old used books and pocketbooks and old toys as well .

evangeline encarnacion
Practical reminders! Thank you.

Antel Serenity Suites
This tips is great!

Helen Berenyi
Will be going to school there and iam hoping to rent a cheaper place two bedrooms and close to my college

evangeline encarnacion
Practical reminders! Thank you.

Ice Artificio
Glad to hear you enjoyed these tips! I keep reminding myself to always, always keep my clutter in check (Not always an easy feat) Cheers everyone! :)

Venus Ty


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