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A Yearly Maintenance Checklist for Renters
   by Ice Artificio  •  Feb 06, 2019  •  General
The biggest question when it comes to maintenance is "who shoulders what"?

We’ve asked a number of landlords, brokers, and leasing agents and the consensus is "it depends on what is written in your contract". This is makes maintenance one of the most important things you discuss in detail before signing your contract.

If there’s one not-so-secret secret we can share it is that lessors can direct you to affordable and trusted contractors or if you ask nicely, they might just throw it in for free.

Here is a checklist of items that you can either clean yourself, ask an expert to repair/deep clean, or ask your landlord to check into. Some of these items require more that just annual check-ins, but we understand how hectic adulting can get.

It matters not that you have forgotten it in the past, but that you take action now, while you can.

Safety and Security
  • Test smoke alarms,and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Replace batteries
  • Check integrity of door locks
  • Tighten/change screws of loose knobs, handles, etc
  • Inspect electrical cords, look for frayed wires

General Maintenance/Cleaning
  • Lube springs, and other movable parts that can get rusted or squeaky
  • Defrost refrigerator and clean refrigerator coils
  • Air-conditioning Cleaning
  • Seal gaps or cracks in windows and doors with caulk
  • Deep-clean carpets
  • Remove lint from washing machine and dryer
  • Clean and deodorize mattress
  • Vacuum sofas
  • Check water heater for leaks and flush with hot water to get rid of sediments
  • Remove sediments from shower heads
  • Clean bathroom exhaust fan grill
  • Change curtains
  • Vacuum nooks and crannies where dust can accumulate

  • Donate or giveaway clothes that no longer fit
  • Throwaway socks with missing pairs
  • Let go of chipped mugs and plates, bent cutlery, and other kitchen equipment that are broken or have deteriorated

Take Care of Your Deposit
  • Check all appliances provided by the lessor
  • Check for leaks in dishwasher
  • Seal tiles with grout
  • Check for paint chipping
  • Inspect ceiling for water damage
  • Look for signs of mold, termite, or pest infestation

Maintenance is always the best solution to prolonging your the life of your home. So many unnecessary expenses can be avoided with some simple cleaning or catching minor breaks before they become irreparable.

What's else is in your go-to maintenance list that we may have missed? Share it in the comments below!

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Jeffrey Mirrar

Ides Rosales
Very useful guidelines.. I will do it..

Kenn Ramos
Great tips

Angelo Lazatin
Thank you. Big help :)

Marjorie Gono
Great tips...Thanks a lot...

Claire Robins
Cleaning of grease-traps under the sink.

Great tips... thank you much..


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