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Gift Ideas for Family and Friends Who Rent
   by Ice Artificio  •  Dec 14, 2017  •  General
The holidays are just around the corner as evidenced by the non-stop Christmas songs in the malls, beautiful night lights, and you guessed it –traffic. If this is your first holiday in the Philippines, brace yourself, this is going to get more hectic as December approaches.

Gift-giving can be both stressful and rewarding, maybe a little more stressful on the giver side given the amount of time and budget they may have available during this busy season.

Forget the usual chimes, mugs, and alarm clocks that are more often than not misses than hits. One of the most important things to take into consideration when gifting for someone who rents is space.

Here are a few gift ideas for family and friends who are living in rented areas:

Gift Certificates

Okay, this one is a bit of a no-brainer and maybe a bit of a cheat. I was talking to my brother the other day about re-gifting gifts that are in perfect condition but do not suit your style or needs. Do you give it to someone who you think will give it a better life or do you keep the gift, try to use it but in the end, we all know it will sit in some corner in your home until you see it and feel guilty about not using it?

We never got to the bottom of that dilemma but it did shine a brighter light on why gift certificates are a good idea when you’re not too sure on what to give someone. Decorating a home is personal and as an outsider, your tastes may not match with the renter so giving them the gift of choice makes sure that they get something they want. To give it a personal touch and say that you DID give it a bit of thought give them GCs from a department store or hardware they like to shop in.


Gift baskets are great. Odds are, not everything inside the basket will be that good. What will make it really good is if hand pick them yourself. This will require a bit of understanding on which food items your receiver likes. Stick to items with a longer shelf life like liquor, canned items, specialty chocolates, coffee, and cheeses.

There will most likely be a lot of eating events during the holidays and you want something that will last after that. if you have a special relationship with your giftee, you can even go about giving them their favorite toiletries. Arrange it in a basket if you want to keep that festive basket feel.

Pre-Purchased Services

Cleaning services may not sound as festive but as an adult with a hectic schedule with an urban living space that accumulates city dust at an alarming pace, I can see the charm of having professionals clean crevices, air conditioners , and other areas in the house that I have no idea how to clean. Granted this kind of gift will work if you know your receiver well.

Scented Candles

Getting pungent odors out is one of the biggest concerns with enclosed spaces with limited windows. Even with exhausts in place, it can take a while for the smells to go away. Lighting a scented candle is a good way to help diffuse malodorous scents around your rented space.

It could be dirty laundry that was left in the room for too long or after cooking dried fish for lunch. The worst part is, if you live in it, you most like will get accustomed to the smell and not notice it. Scented candles as opposed to potpourri doubles up as a decorative piece or as a deodorant to keep cupboards or clothes smelling fresh.

Sure they’d say it’s the thought that counts, but a well thought of gift shows attentiveness and the attention you put in trying to find a gift that will make special people in your life smile. Of course, if you think these are great gift ideas for you as a renter, feel free to share and subtly hint at which presents will work for anybody planning on getting you something for Christmas.

Any ideas for good gifts for renters? We’d love to hear them in the comments below! :)

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Puri Warren Gonzalez
Size does matter. Renting property suggests that your gift recipient does not intend to stay there permanently (unless s/he instead buys the property) that can be easily packed on moving day. I'd go for small, tasteful, and meaningful items such as a beautiful memento of a memorable date, a miniature artwork on a small easel, a personalized stationery (or letter opener!), a bud vase, etc., etc. that can be easily packed on moving day to again lovingly display or proudly use in your next address.


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