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How to Make Your Rental Unit Attractive to Millennials
   by Ice Artificio  •  Mar 19, 2019  •  General
It seems that in the last decade, the word "millennial" has been overused in digital and traditional media.

Everybody wants to be an expert on millennials – whether it is positive or negative, people talked about this demographic.

And for good reason: we are now making up a big chunk of the work force with purchasing power.

As a millennial, born sometime during the late 80s to early 90s, I feel this is something I can contribute to.

So, back to the question: What are we looking for in a place for it to be an ideal rental home?

Here are some points that can make your condo unit more appealing to this generation.

1. A Good Strong Wi-Fi Connection
Whether it is for work or play, internet speed and provider plays a key factor in decision-making.

With more companies allowing work-from-home set ups, it is important to have reliable and fast internet connection.

If it’s not faster than 4g mobile internet, it may be a deal breaker.

2. Near Working Areas
One of the biggest reasons we have for renting is being near the office simply because it is difficult to afford those areas. Proximity to business districts are big in our list.

3. Accessible Dining Options
Even as many of us still cook, working hours may not be ideal for meal preparation or condo constraints on cooking.

Having a wide range of options that are available round the clock, is something worth highlighting in your listing.

4. Security
This era has also brought forth a lot of work that allows graveyard shifts.

The ability to go back to a home that has CCTVs or security personnel making sure not everybody can get in is a big plus.

5. Ability to Have Pets
Many of us have started getting pets instead of or alongside building our families.

Being allowed to bring our furry friends to give them a safe haven can be a big consideration for many potential renters.

More points if you have areas where pets can walk about or have nearby parks.

6. Rental Flexibility
While not many long-term rental areas can accommodate this, a lot of us are looking to have short-term commitments, especially when work requires us to travel.

7. Minimal Noise
One of the most common traits I’ve noticed among this generation is that we like to keep to ourselves and avoid both confrontation and friendly neighbor relations.

Not having to go out and tell neighbors to "keep it down" is one of the things even I look for.

8. Digital Payments
We embrace the convenience of online payments. If we can do it via PayPal, GCash, PayMaya, or any electronic banking means that will not require us having to talk to someone or go to an office during their hours, we’d be grateful for that convenience.

Surprise! Not a lot of these demands are that far-fetched, just small details that make living away from home, a little more bearable and a little more in tune to our digital nature.

While there are tenants who do have over the top demands, you’ll be surprised that many of us just want a comfortable, and safe rented place to come home to at the end of a long day.

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Ides Rosales
Nice tips..

Angelo Pacho
Thanks for the tips.

Edgardo Alvinez
Very helpful! Thanks.

Mary Ann Dalida
Our Millennial Guest usually inquire if we have Netflix.

Nora Repuyan
Love it thanks


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