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How to Protect Your Apartment from Theft
   by Ice Artificio  •  Aug 31, 2017  •  General
Even with the best securities in place, no place is completely secure with a resourceful, motivated, and experienced criminal. This doesn’t mean it will happen to you but it does help to take some extra precautions to lower the risk of becoming a victim.

Here are a few measures you can take to improve your home security:

Study Your Neighborhood
Who are the frequent faces around your home? Is your area known to have occasional break-ins? Are there new strangers in your area that are acting suspicious? It is very important to know your area and who lives around you. This way you know when something is off and what weaknesses your area may have when it comes to theft.

Keep a Low Profile
Thieves study their potential victims and will not act until they find a target with confirmed valuables whom they can overpower or outsmart with minimal risk. Sure if you are living in an affluent neighborhood, it is a given that you can afford the area, but those who are conspicuous usually get attention first. Try not to show off gadgets and expensive jewellery on your way back to on your way out of your condo.

Keep Valuables Out of Sight
Put valuable belongings out of sight, especially when not in use. Of course there’s no hiding a 50” TV, unless you have it installed in one of those cabinets you can close. Keeping jewelleries, laptops, and other gadgets tucked away will require time to look for them. And if you followed the first tip, they wouldn’t know what to look for. Putting these items out of sight when you have guests around helps discourage perpetrators or those who may have a hard time keeping their hands to themselves. Also, do not put them all in one place.

Replace Locks
It is a good habit to replace locks when somebody loses their keys to the apartment. It’s also a good idea to test the locks in place before moving into a new rented space. Talk to your agent if you can change the main locks or if you can install additional double locks if you do not feel too secure about the ones in place.

Make it a Habit to Inform Front Desk About Visitors
It irks me when the front desk always asks me for my information again and again even when I’m a frequent visitor. As much as I hate to admit it, it’s good practice. Get to know your receptionist and security team. Make it a habit to give them a heads up when you’re expecting someone. This way if someone claims that they’re your visitor and you haven’t told them anything, it will raise suspicion, prompting them to contact you first.

Invest in CCTVs
Closed Circuit TV cameras are swiftly becoming more affordable and accessible. If you feel that you need extra eyes inside your apartment when you’re away or if you’re a parent entrusting their children to the care of nannies at home, consider adding CCTVs inside your apartment. You will have to inform the people in your home about it so they know where they should be careful when changing clothes or anything that should be done in private.

Living in the city means being a part of all the risks urban life entails. Staying street-smart and observant goes a long way in preventing theft and break ins.

Do you have any expert techniques to fortifying your condo’s security? We’d love to know!

Stay safe and happy renting! :)

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Kailash A
Well said

Jun Gagero
Installing an intrusion system would be best. You will need to use a security code to arm the system when you leave and disarm with you arrive. If a person enters your unit without disarming the system an audible sound or a siten activates.

Jennifer Daliuag
Thank you so much..

Venus Ty
Cameras are good idea thanks venusty


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