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How to Tidy up Your Living Space the Marie Kondo Way
   by Ice Artificio  •  Mar 21, 2019  •  General
Spring is coming! Even as we do not have 4 seasons in our local climate, everyone can benefit from an annual spring cleaning.

There is always a feeling of a fresh start whenever you thoroughly clean your place, dusting difficult to reach crevices, and purging your wardrobe from unnecessary items.

When you are living in rented space, minimalism can be beneficial. You have less items to clean, preventing pests from occupying your home, and it is easier to move in/out.

Not only that, studies show that living minimalistic works magic in clearing the mind and organizing your inner thoughts, allowing you to focus on things that really matter.

Marie Kondo, a Japanese organizing consultant and author of The Magic of Tidying Up has a very strict take on how to “properly” declutter and keep it way.

She explains how “when you put your house in order, you put your affairs and your past in order, too.” This gives you a better perspective

This image is a screenshot from her website, http://tidyingup.com/bios/marie-kondo

Ready to start your spring cleaning? Here are 4 takeaways from her “KonMari” method that can help up your cleaning and tidying game:

Make it a One-time event
Let’s be honest: cleaning can be a tedious task. It is tiring and is not enjoyable for many. Kondo recognizes this and why it works best when inspiration hits you.

Purge and declutter while motivation is still on your side so you will not have to do it again in this huge a scale.

Sort by Categories, not location
Kondo suggests categorizing your household items by clothing, books, papers, miscellaneous items, and lastly sentimental items.

Tackling your belongings this way allows you to see everything you own from a certain category. This lets you to see duplicates or similar items, helping you make better decisions and speeding up the process.

Does it Spark Joy?
The heart of Kondo’s organizing method is keeping only the items that “spark joy” in your life. Anything that feels lukewarm or something that “might” be useful at some point in time must go.

In applying this strict but effective motto, you allow yourself to assess what are the items that are truly important in your life, everything else is clutter that adds up through time.

Nostalgia is your enemy
Kondo recognizes how memories can make an item difficult to dispose. This is why she advises to tackle mementos or items with sentimental value as the last category.

Postcards, old accessories that are beyond repair, or other gifts that may be difficult to let go are taxing and can definitely put a stop to your cleaning spree.

It may sound severe at first and it may hurt a bit, but getting rid of anything that is no longer “something that brings you joy” eliminates all the small items that add up to piles and piles of clutter we can never seem to clean.

The end result? You are left with things you really love and a lot of space that you never thought you had in the first place. Happy Spring Cleaning!

Comments  💬
Great tips, especially for new landlords! Only through good and bad experiences did I learn a lot of these. I agree, keeping it basic doesn't just keep it tidy but also eliminates possible damage and unwanted conflict with your guest. I almost have never charged extra for "accidents". Love this new blog section, would be great if maybe we can have a comments section for each listing to help boost sales and give each guest transparency. I rely heavily on rentpad.com.ph and really hope to see added features. More power!

Kenn Ramos
Thanks for the tips! ive doing this mimalist lifestyle for quite a while & believe me its worth it! lesser things equals lesser responsibillity:)

Ricky Venzon
I agree too. Tidy condo can be easily rented out. Because it looks very relaxing and tranquil. Quiteness is also a factor to make the place great to live in.

Jerome Bartolome
Discipline is always the key.

Ice Artificio
Happy to hear you found these tips helpful :D Minimalism has made a great impact on my life too! We're working on adding features that you love and articles that can be valuable in the renting/leasing process . Keep the suggestions coming! :)


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