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Pet Care for the Holidays
   by Ice Artificio  •  Dec 29, 2018  •  General

It is quite unnerving to realize it’s suddenly Christmas when it feels like December 1st just rolled by.

As easy as it seems for us humans to be overwhelmed with holiday stress, let’s not forget that even our pets can feel overwhelmed or maybe even anxious with all the extra activities happening in front of them.

In the spirit of giving, there are a couple of things we can do for our pets to help them enjoy the holidays better.

It may not necessarily cost you a dime but they will definitely appreciate the extra effort.

1. Keep Toxic Food Away

Avocado, chocolate, citrus, coconut, and grapes all sound like safe ingredients in our holiday feast but they can be toxic for your dogs, cats, and other pets. While some of these can cause minor stomach upsets, in bigger quantities, they can be dangerous for them.

Be mindful of leaving these items in areas your pets can reach to avoid any mishaps. Here’s a full list from the ASPCA of items that you should avoid feeding your pets.

2. Be a Good Guest

When meeting someone’s pet for the first time, always remember you are a stranger to them. Ask the owner if the dog/cat/pet likes being pet and allow them to get accustomed to you from a safe distance that doesn’t feel threatening to them.

Bites happen because strangers can make a pet uncomfortable and it doesn’t mean that if they’re nice to their owner, they’ll be just as comfortable with you. If you’re having guests over, gently remind them of this.

3. Teach Kids How to Interact with Them

With the possibility of kids running unaccompanied in the house, your pets may feel over excited or anxious. Tell them what to do and not to do around your pet and when to back off to avoid any accidents.

4. Create a Safe Space

A safe space is a familiar and comfortable area for your pets. It can be your room, their usual bed, or any place in your house that can provide them with a sense of home that they can hide in if new people and loud noises are too stressful for them.

5. Comfort them When There are Loud Noises

Many pets feel afraid once the fire crackers or loud noises start. Since you have little control on that, it helps if you create them a space they can retreat to and be there for them when it happens. They trust you and see you as a protector. Being there with them helps alleviate some of the stress.

After all of that, don’t forget to celebrate with your furry friends. This is a special season, you can make it special for them as well.

From everyone at Rentpad and our very own special pets, Happy Holidays! :)

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