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Pockets of Relaxation in the City
   by Ice Artificio  •  May 12, 2023  •  General

It is our ultimate quest to find some of the most interesting pockets of escape in the city. And in this episode, we find a nice little escape in Acqua Private Residencesin Mandaluyong.

Now the unit we booked is a slice of cozy itself but the amenities are an entire league of their own. In this episode, we get to explore the impressive amenities that Acqua Residences have to offer that you can enjoy whether you plan on going on a short-term staycation, or making this your home for a longer period.

What we loved best are the cat tours - we got very lucky and had a really friendly ginger cat walk us around the garden.The property is pet-friendly and provides ample walking and playing space for your furry companions.

After the amenities tour, we’re in the mood to unwind and stay in. This room is made up of warm and relaxing browns, reminiscent of wooden cabins with a bit of a modern touch.

Let’s go over our quick checklist.

This place has:
-Wifi, a landline
-TV with Standard Cable
-Bathroom Essentials
-Kitchen equipment for basic cooking and hosting meals
-pool, gym, parking

One of the constraints of city living is the limited amount of space you are given. But with some creativity, you can maximize the space your have and with the help of cleverly placed lighting, mirrors, and a good mix of light and dark colors, you can have a spacious area with an amazing view.

The kitchen is equipped with basic cutlery, knives, mugs – anything you need to host a dinner party of up to four people. There’s also a microwave and a cooking area. Although if you need caffeine like me, You gotta bring your own coffee gear and beans, tea, or order from the many cafes that services this area 24/7.

The bathroom is equipped with hot water, a waterfall showe, hari dryer, adn bidetr. They provide some basic toiletries so you won’t have to worry about those.

The dining area for two sits across a sofa and TV. While this unit can accommodate up to four people, 2 people would be an ideal number to enjoy the quiet and limited space.

The bedroom is separated from the living room by a sliding door. And from the bed, you have a view of the balcony so you don’t necessarily need to get up to get a view. Syempre when you’re on vacation mode, masarap lang mag relax and not have to move around too much. And then, there’s the Mark check.

If this is your first time seeing this, Mark represents the taller folks who are always having a hard time with beds that don’t accommodate their entire bodies. Mark is 5’11 so he gets to be your gauge of what lying here looks like if you’re not small like me.

And then in the balcony is a view of the Makati skyline. This is probably one of the perks of staying in the city, you get to experience the night view with the lights. One of the unique things about Acqua is their proximity to the river that gives a rather interesting and calming perspective and you also get to appreciate the quirky architecture of the condo.

Acqua is quite impressive in creating a bubble of escape despite being in the middle of the busy metro. The amount of greenery as well as the view it provides from the balcony is perfect when you’re looking for a breather and some quiet from city life.

You can book this unit directly here:

See you on the next staycation!

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