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Rainy Season Tips for Renters
   by Ice Artificio  •  Jul 13, 2018  •  General
The switch from summer to the rainy season has happened these last three weeks.

If this is your first time in the Philippines, brace yourself as it’s only going to get wetter. The country is visited by an average of 20 typhoons a year, that’s excluding low pressure areas or habagat. Most of which come during this season.

With that said, there are a few things that you can do during this season to help keep your rented home in tip top shape or prevent any untoward incidents.

1. Prepare a Wet Entrance
Create a place to receive your wet shoes, drizzled clothes and dripping umbrella. It’s not just the water you’re concerned but also the mud, dirt, and slippery floors . Make it easy for you to put all your soiled items on one side of the entrance of your home to isolate the mess and a dry rug you can wipe your feet with. A basin to hold your dripping items and some rugs should will save a whole lot of cleaning.

2. Put Away Easily Stained Items
Think white, porous shoes, light colored bags, and other non-waterproof items. These items are not rain-friendly so it is best for them to wait it out until the sun comes back. This also includes household furniture like carpets. Move them away from entrances and windows.

3. Seal Windows
There’s nothing more unsightly than coming home to a puddle after getting drenched in rain on the way home. Before leaving your rented condo, make sure to properly close windows or add an extra layer of protection using some self adhesive foam, polyurethane caulk, or if your on a tight budget, some clear plastic window film should do the trick.

4. Find Leaks
Unfortunately, the only way to find small leaks is when they start to drip. Keep your eyes peeled for the smallest of leaks, some misting or areas in your home that feel damp to the touch. These small drips can the create the biggest problems.

When you notice a leak, take a photo or video and inform your landlord and building admin immediately. Mark the suspected area and ask for it to get fixed as soon as brief moments of dry weather comes in. If the leak is too severe and you end up hiring a maintenance person, make sure to save the receipt and take before and after photos.

5. Soothe Your Pets
The sound of rain on the pavement may be soothing for us but it may be a cause of stress for pets. Coupled with loud thunderstorms and lighting, it can make your pets restless. Help soothe them by creating a comfortable and warm environment - letting them stay in quiet areas of your home can help. Silver vine can assist in lowering your feline’s anxiety levels and some canine owners reported catnip and silver vine to have similar beneficial effects.

6. Stock Up on Dry Food
Thankfully, there are many food delivery service that can provide for your needs. But when the rain starts to pour in non-stop, the demand can skyrocket and with the road conditions, it can be difficult for delivery guys to bring food at your doorstep. Keep a small stock of dry, non-perishable food items and clean drinking water good for 2-3 days that you can use if a typhoon forces you to stay indoors.

7. Create a GO bag or a Bug-out-Bag
When I was younger, my dad would always help us create what he called a disaster bag. Now that I am living on my own, I have come to understand its importance and why everyone needs to have some form of emergency bag available--because no one can help you. Essentially, the bag will contain essential items you would need should you be stranded or would need to suddenly evacuate.

Have emergency numbers ready. Renting a condominium means you will be in a new neighborhood. It pays to have handy contact numbers of the local fire department, police station, and hospital or nearby clinics just in case.

Do you have other rainy season tips you'd like to share? Feel free to add them on the comments section below.

Happy renting!

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Joanna Amor Dianco
Thanks for the friendly tips!

Adelaida Mora
So helpful. Thanks!

Caroline Lorenzo
Awesome! Reminder to be safe and secure.

Ice Artificio
Thanks for reading! Stay safe everyone :)

Zahid Mirza
The Best Suggestion

Rowena Rizardo
thanks..very good suggestion

Rowena Rizardo
Thank you for the reminder

Cianna Dy
Thank you for your helpful suggestions. It helps a lot !

Zoe Li


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