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Things Every Busy Renter Can Automate to Save Time
   by Ice Artificio  •  Oct 04, 2017  •  General
We are all busy.

Whether it is to work harder towards our goals or to create more quality memories with our families and loved ones, one thing rings true: Time is important. If you can shave off 15 minutes of tasks or chores, it adds up to your free time. When you work nights, it’s a little bit more tricky to do tasks that are only available during the day and getting a decent amount of sleep can be difficult.

Don’t get me wrong, chores and other menial tasks can have a meditative and calming effect. They are great on days where you can spare the extra time, maybe on weekends or when there isn’t much on your plate. But if you are busy, there are chores that you may forget or sometimes use as an excuse to procrastinate and delay doing more important tasks - I’m guilty of the latter. If you have roommates, delegating tasks instead of every body doing a little bit of everything can be more efficient.

Here are a few things you can automate or delegate to help free some of your precious time.

Parents usually shoulder the weight of laundering their children’s clothes. Many times, the reality of how time-consuming properly cleaning clothes can be only hits us when we have to do it ourselves on top of a 40 hour work week. If your budget allows you to, have it sent to a laundromat who will wash, fold, and or iron your work clothes. You can also schedule pick up, and have them deliver the clothes to your unit.

Deep Cleaning
Yes, we all need to clean.That’s an inevitable part of adult life. Thoroughly cleaning our living spaces is also a necessity that can be difficult to schedule with hectic schedules. Thankfully, this era of busy schedules have given birth to a number of affordable cleaning services that you can customize depending on your needs. If you share your rented space, you can just split the bill. Schedule a thorough cleaning of bathrooms, vacuum the carpets, take out any cobwebs, and any special cleaning you may require.

This one is a little obvious but is usually overlooked. Automating bills. On one side, I think some of us aren’t entirely comfortable with letting companies automatically debit bills as sometimes we may not have had the time to review them. That is completely reasonable to an extent. Enroll your utilities such as electricity, water, internet, or phone subscriptions to your payroll account. This way you can send your payments without going through long lines. Later on, fully automating the payment means you don’t have to be notified of a lapsed due date. Quickly paying bills also helps stay away from the temptation of spending.

Similar to utilities, automating rent is shaves off 10-15 minutes of having to contact your admin, landlord and get a receipt. Some lessors opt for post-dated checks and this will save time for both parties- just be mindful of when the funds should be available for the check so it doesn’t bounce.

I love cooking. It pains me to admit that preparing meals isn’t always practical today. Many condominiums even prohibit cooking for safety reasons. If you do not make meal plans, you’ll most likely end up with fast food delivery which isn’t the best choice for healthy food. Luckily, affordable pre-made meals that will be delivered to your office are now available.This will help a lot if you’re trying to stick to a healthy diet or if you struggle with preparing dishes.

There are many other things we can automate, thanks to today’s technology. Some may fear that we are losing essential skills What we do with the time we save is more important: Get some rest, go on a date with a loved one, visit your family, or focus on your career. Prioritize what is important to make the most of the time you have.

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