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Cleaning Tips from Cleaning Professionals
   by Ice Artificio  •  Apr 03, 2019  •  General
Learning how to properly clean one’s home is probably one of the most important skills every adult needs to acquire.

But if I'm going to be honest with you, dear readers, I still struggle prioritizing what to clean first, how often should it be done, and sometimes, how to properly do it.

So, the Rentpad Team scoured the net for advice from professional cleaners on commonly neglected areas and some cleaning hacks to upgrade your cleaning game.

Only Cleaning at Eye Level
Many professional cleaners notice how people usually just clean up until their eye-level. I’m 5’3 and that leaves a lot of headroom unattended.

It's quite understandable why this is commonplace: it takes a lot more effort and entails having to get on stools or wobbly chairs.

Invest in dusters with long rods or vacuum cleaners with long extensions to help compensate with the height difference.

Acids and Bases are your Friends
Acids like vinegar, lemon, or calamansi are great at breaking down gunk and stubborn dirt. Pair them with baking soda as a base and you have yourself a no-scratch, cheap cleaning solution that is not as harsh as many industrial cleaning agents.

These commonly forgotten items or areas should be easy to clean when done frequently. When left unattended for months, they’re going to need some extra strong cleaning.

Microwave Oven
Microwave a solution of 1-part vinegar and 1-part water for several minutes. The steam from the liquid will soften any hardened chunks of food. Let it sit for a bit before taking it out.

Use a piece of cloth or some paper towels to wipe the walls. OR if you can manage to remember to wipe your microwave every time you use it, that will save you from gunk build up -but we all know how difficult that can be with children or messy roommates.

Shower Curtains
When shower curtains never get the chance to dry properly, they're the perfect growing area for molds and other unwanted slimy surfaces.

Give your curtains a good scrub and allow it to properly dry once a week. Better yet, get a machine washable curtain and let your washing machine do its magic.

Can Opener Blade
Home to rust, grime, and other unsightly build up. More importantly, when these tools are left unclean, they can contaminate the food inside the cans you’re trying to open.

Breakdown any build up with a baking soda and vinegar solution and make sure your openers have a chance to dry after use.

Lint Trap in your Washing Machine/Dryer
Lint are short fibers that separate from your clothes as they are bring dried or laundered. A lint trap protects your washing machine’s machine from getting lint. Not cleaning your lint trap is a fire hazard so more reasons to clean it after every cycle.

Light Switch and Knobs
These are the first things you touch as you enter your apartment and probably the last ones as you exit your home. Silver and gold plated knobs have great self-disinfecting properties.

All it needs is some routine disinfection, a spray of rubbing alcohol or any other cleaning agent and wipe dry.

Whenever you change your sheets, make it a point to vacuum your mattress to remove dead skin, dust, and other waste - it will make a ton of difference.

When you’re doing intensive cleaning, sprinkle your mattress with baking soda and let it sit for 15 minutes before vacuuming. Feeling lazy? A mattress protector that you can throw in the wash is a time saver.

Ceiling Fans
You’ll be surprised how many people neglect to clean the top of their ceiling fans. Wit a damp rag, wipe the top side of your ceiling fan and watch how much dust it takes out.

Wash your Walls
Use a microfiber cloth and some diluted detergent to gently wipe your walls to get rid of oils, dust, and smells without ruining paint.

This gets rid of oils and pungent odours that you may normally have been accustomed to and are only noticeable by guests.

Many of these cleaning hacks are items we commonly forget and with time get worse.

Try to get a small amount of cleaning done as frequently as you can or hire professional cleaners to give you a helping hand in keeping your rented home spic and span and prevent premature wear and tear.

Do you have any expert cleaning hacks?

We'd love to hear them in the comments below so that we too can step up our cleaning game!

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