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1BR Fully Furnished Unit at SM Field Residences Sucat  (not available)
SM Field Residences, San Dionisio, Paranaque
Daily Rate
Sq. Area
28.0 sqm

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Property Description:

SM Field Residences - Dr. A. Santos Avenue (formerly Sucat Road), Barangay San Dionisio, Paranaque City

FULLY FURNISHED ONE BEDROOM CONDO FOR RENT - Daily, weekly and monthly rentals

>> Php 1,500- per day if for 8 to 14 days
>> Php 1,600-- per day - If for 7 days (Total of Php 11,200-)

>> Php 2,500- per day if ONLY for ONE (1) Day

>> Php 22,500- per 30 days if for 1 month (Php 750- per day)

>> Php 19,000- per month if for 6-11 months 

>> Php 17,000- per month if for 12 months (2 mos. advance rental fee plus 2 mos. security deposit) 



>> Rental rates including terms and conditions may change without prior notice. Rates are higher from November to May. 


>> When sending us a query using the inquiry box in this website, upon clicking the submit button, you will receive an automatic text or message containing our contact number and email address. Upon clicking submit at your end, we shall also receive an automatic text of your mobile number & email address. Hence, please make sure of the correctness of your contact number so that we maybe able to contact you.



Php 2,500-- per day IF ONLY FOR ONE (1) DAY 

Php 2,000-- per day - If only for 2-3 days 
Php 1,800-- per day - If for 4-6 days
Php 1,600-- per day - If for 7 days (Total of Php 11,200-)
Php 1,500- per day if for 8 to 14 days

CONDO VIEWING MUST BE SCHEDULED IN ADVANCE (Viewing may only be done when the condo is vacant)

>> Maximum 3 persons is allowed for the above rates (3rd person is FREE of charge provided that he/she agrees to use the sofa bed).

>> FOUR (4) PERSONS maybe allowed (4th person is an additional charge of Php 300- per day) provided that he/she agree to share the use of the sofa bed.  Request for Extra mattress shall be an additional charge of Php 150- per day.

>> FIVE (5) or more persons are unfortunately not allowed.

>> Electricity, water and cable TV subscription is already included in the above rental fee (for daily & weekly rentals only) 

>> Electricity charge is subject to limitation (Php 300- of the ABOVE rental fee is the daily allocated charge, meter reading shall be made, excess usage will be an additional charge). This means that electricity charge is already INCLUDED IN THE RENTAL FEE. This will good for 12 hours aircon use, minimal cooking/food heating and hot water shower use.  To avoid excessive/unnecessary or over usage, meter reading shall be made to determine actual consumption. 

>> Internet/Wifi is an additional charge (we are using Globe at home Prepaid LTE wifi) 

>> Condo dues already included in the rental fee 

>> Swimming pool use is an additional charge (Php 150- per person per entry at the Club House pool)


Php 11,200- For 7 days (Php 1,600- X 7 days)

Php   5,000- Refundable Security cash Deposit


Php 16,200 - TOTALS

(Php  3,000) - Reservation Fee to be paid in advance


Php 12,200 - Remaining amount to be paid on check-in date



Php 22,500- per 30 days if for 1 month (Php 750- per day)

Php 21,500- per month if for 2 months (60 days)

Php 20,000- per month of for 3-5 months

Php 19,000- per month of for 6-11 months 

Php 17,000- per month of for 12 months 


Php 22,500- For 30 days (Php 750- per day X 30 days)

Php  10,000- Refundable Security cash Deposit


Php 32,500- TOTALS

(Php  3,000-) Reservation Fee to be paid in advance


Php 29,500 - Remaining amount to be paid on check-in date




Php 34,000- Advance Rental Fee for TWO (2) month - To be applied for the first & LAST month of rental

Php 34,000- Refundable Security cash Deposit - 2 months (Php 17,000- x 2)


Php 68,000- TOTALS = Amount to be paid in advance (or before check-in date) 


Php 170,000- Remaining months (Php 17,000- x 10 months) to be paid monthly thru post dated checks

NOTE: One month shall be equivalent to 30 days


>> FULL CASH PAYMENT OF RENTAL FEE is required for those renting 1 to 3 months ( a month shall be computed as 30 days)

>> For those renting 4 months (120 days and above) and above, ONE month advance rental fee payment and TWO (2) months security deposit must be paid in advance. Payment for other months can be done thru POST DATED CHECKS.  

>> ELECTRICITY & WATER are additional charges for those renting 30 days and above, meter reading shall be made to determine actual usage.

>> ELECTRICITY & WATER bill shall be paid to us for rental terms of 1 to 3 months (we shall collect this from you every 30 days)

>> ELECTRICITY & WATER bill shall be paid DIRECTLY to MERALCO (Condo admin for water bill) for rental terms of 4 months or more 

>> CABLE TV SUBSCRIPTION AND CONDO DUES are already included in rental fee

>> Refundable security deposit shall be Php 10,000- for every 30 day rental period (for those renting 30 to 90 days).

If you rent for 30 days, security deposit is Php 10,000-,  if you rent for 60 days, security deposit is Php 20,000- (Php 10,000- for every 30 day period) 

>> Refundable security deposit shall be equivalent to TWO (2) months rental for those renting 120 days or more (4 months and above)

>> SWIMMING POOL use is FREE (maximum of 2 persons) for those renting 30 days or more. In excess of 2 persons, swimming pool use is an additional charge per day/entry.

>> POST DATED CHECKS ARE REQUIRED for those renting 4 months or more. If you do not have post dated checks, then full cash payment must be made for all the months. (Regret that we cannot allow you to rent long term if you do not pay in full cash or if you do not have post dated checks)




SM Field Residences - Dr. A. Santos Avenue (formerly Sucat Road), Barangay San Dionisio, Para�?????�????�???�??�?�±aque City

Just across SM City Sucat, SM Field Residences is located along Dr. A. Santos Avenue (formerly Sucat Road)

>> The condo at SM FIELD RESIDENCES is 28 sqm, fully furnished, ONE (1) BEDROOM - Queen size bed, with balcony, clothes cabinet with plastic hangers

>> Small kitchen with electric stove, microwave oven, full sized refrigerator, sofa bed, one small TV at the bedroom and another 32 inch TV at the dining area

>> Eating and cooking wares/utensils are provided (Plates, drinking glass, bowl, cup, saucer, spoon, fork, table knife, can/bottle opener). Items are are good for 2 persons only.

>> Rice cooker, hot water kettle, cooking pot, frying pan is also available

>> FREE use of swimming pool for 30 day rentals

>> Large and spacious grounds for jogging or even for a leisure walk

>> Quiet neighborhood

>> The condo has a balcony can accommodate 2 chairs for a quiet late afternoon relaxation 

>> A large shopping mall (SM City Sucat Paranaque) is just about less 5 minutes walking distance (no huge streets to cross)

>> Parking space is not included in the rental fee. There is a PAY PARKING facility near the condo area (beside the condo clubhouse). Day parking fee is Php 35- up to 11pm and Php 150- for overnight parking (11pm to 6am). Parking rates and its terms and conditions may change without prior notice depending on the parking facility in the area. 




-CASH PAYMENTS ONLY - Rental fees and other amount due should be paid to us in full amount and in cash (Philippine Currency only) on check-in date. Government issued ID with picture is required for guest (Passport for foreigners or non-residents)

 -RESERVATION DEPOSIT - Advance payment is required if you want a guaranteed booking. Kindly note this is non-refundable if you cancel your booking. Full details on this is discussed in this page.

-REFUNDABLE SECURITY CASH DEPOSIT - Payment of refundable Security cash deposit is required. Higher amount of deposit will be charged for those not having a government issued ID.

-Check-in is at 2pm and check-out is at 12 noon. Early check-in and late check-out maybe allowed subject to approval depending on room availability. 3 days advance notice must be made.

-Maximum of 3 persons (3rd person is free provided that he/she agrees to use the sofa bed). Request for an extra bed shall be an additional charge per day and must be made 3 days in advance.

-Or 2 adults and 2 children maybe allowed provided that child is 10 years & below and must share existing bed, request for extra bed or mattress is an additional charge)

-4 Persons maybe allowed but 4th person is with an ADDITIONAL CHARGE per day

-FIVE (5) or more adults/persons sleeping inside the condo is unfortunately not allowed

-Visitors inside the condo is allowed but only to a maximum of 3 visitors (Total no. of persons allowed inside the condo is 5 including the checked-in guest) 3 visitors + 2 checked-in guest. Visitors are not allowed to sleep overnight at the condo.

-Extra bed (mattress), linens, blanket will be charged at a minimum of Php 150- per day, minimum of 7 days (total of Php 1,050- for 7 days) . This includes mattress (uratex foam), mattress protector, fitted sheet, blanket and one (1) pillow. We shall pull-out the mattress, fitted sheet, etc. contract period. (request for the extra mattress must be made 3 days in advance).

-Use of SWIMMING POOL and GYM are only for those renting the condo and is an additional charge (for daily & weekly rentals).  Regret that swimming pool rental only is not allowed. Only those renting the condo are allowed to use the swimming pool.

-FREE use of swimming pool for monthly and yearly rentals (maximum of 2 persons)

-Parties and/or drinking sessions are not allowed

-Pets not allowed

-No smoking (Violation of the no smoking policy will result to a cleaning fee charge of Php 2,500- per day or per violation. Additional charges of Php 5,000- and above may be imposed by the Building and/or the City government) 

-Electricity and water are FREE for those renting 1 to 14 days subject to limitations. Meter reading shall be made to determine actual consumption, excess usage shall be an additional charge. The allotted amount which is already included in the rental fee is good for 12 hours of aircon use, minimal food cooking/heating and hot water shower use. This daily allocation is made to prevent excessive/unnecessary  or over usage of utilities

-Cable TV channel subscription is included in the rental fee-Condo/Building/Association dues are included in the rental fee

-Condo cleaning and change of bedsheet/towels is an additional charge (Total of Php 1,250- Breakdown is as follows = Php 750- for the cleaning and Php 500 for the change of bedsheet/towels). Three (3) days advance notice is required. An on the spot request will have an additional charge of Php 750- on top the above charges for  cleaning and bedsheet change.

As this is a condo rental type of operations, there will be no daily Condo cleaning and change of bedsheet/towels. 

-Stained bedsheet/towels shall result to an additional cleaning fee charge starting at Php 250- per stained/damaged item, amount may increase depending on the size of the stain or extent of the damage. If stains cannot be removed, total cost of the item will be charged. As our towels/bedsheets/pillow case/blanket comes in pairs and that we might not be able to buy or find the exact one piece of the item as its replacement, we may have to charge the cost of two (2) items even if ONLY ONE ITEM is permanently stained/damaged. The stained/damaged item will be given to you.

-Extra cleaning charge on CHECK-OUT shall be made if the condo is found to be with too much trash and/or too dirty.  Depending on the intensity of the dirt/trash, charges starts at Php 2,500- (amount can go higher if condo unit is not kept clean & orderly) 

-Minimize too much noise particularly in the evening to avoid disturbing the nearby condo units.

-Only light cooking is allowed, too much smoke might trigger the smoke detector/fire alarm-Cooking of any item with strong odors (fish, bagoong, other asian food, etc.) is prohibited. Violation of such will be charged with an extra cleaning fee of Php 2,500-.

-Trash should be disposed of on a regular basis (preferably everyday) and placed inside a plastic trash bag. The trash bag should be brought to the proper disposal area. Improper trash disposal shall lead to a fine of Php 5,000- by the building administration.

-Any item (including but not limited to furniture, fixtures and equipment) belonging to the condo should not be taken out of the condo unit premises.

-Any violation of the rental contract particularly those that would pose as an immediate threat (or possible danger or damage) to the condo property or to any person, guest, condo/building employees, condo owner/representative or non-payment of rental fees/other fees/damages, etc. may mean immediate termination of the rental contract leading to non-refund of the unused rental fee and/or security deposit.

Your good behavior, cooperation and compliance to all rules and regulations is hereby requested so that we may not resort to any forced eviction from the condo unit.

-Rental rates (and other rates) as well as terms and conditions may change without prior notice.

-In case of any difference in Rental rates indicated in this page or other websites, the applicable current rate shall be the one stated in our facebook page. 

-Notify us immediately should you encounter any problems regarding the condo and/or for any damage of any item inside the condo.

-To avoid inconvenience and misunderstandings, we reiterate our request for you to please read the entire contents of this page. 

-By reading this page and renting the condo, we shall take it to mean that you (the guest) are agreeable with everything that is stated herein. A copy of our house rules can be found in a folder inside the condo.

-Rental rates are usually different and/or higher during November to May. 

Amenity Concierge
Amenity Jogging Trail
Amenity Multi-Purpose Hall
Amenity 24/7 Security
Amenity Function Rooms
Amenity Swimming pool
Amenity Balcony

    Minimum Stay: 1 Week
    Short Term:

₱1,500 /Day


₱11,200 /Week


₱22,500 /Month

    City: Paranaque

    Neighborhood: Sucat

    Location: Field Residences

    Floor: 5th
    Square Area: 28.0 sqm
    Bedrooms: 1
    Bathrooms: 1
    Furnishing: Fully Furnished
    Updated: August 02, 2019

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