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Diego Babalan
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Member since June 24, 2014

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Obviously its superb coz i gave 5stars. We got the smooth transaction! Ill definitely rent to mr diego babalan's place again. The unit i have stayed this october is a stress relievin place. What you see in the description is what you get. Great! They got my trust.

We are still staying here so far everything is good the owner itself is easy to deal with. I had to admit I was quite hesitant at first if it's real deal since it's the cheapest rent with all the appliances especially w/ wifi on a monthly basis. Supermarket, Restaurants, pharmacy, book store, hardware, gadget/electronic items, coffee and tea shops is within the building.And if you want to ride MRT/subway its super easy since its connected on 2nd floor I find all of these very convenient as we are completing our 2 months stay. I would surely recommend their units to my friends total stay is great even the security is tight I could say its also an advantage especially for foreigners who is staying over so will definitely come back again.

Moved in on 15th July. The host was most helpful in every respect. Installed wifi and cable TV upon my request, showed me around the unit and the complex comprehensively and in general was extremely helpful answering my queries with enthusiasm and intent." A nice moving in experience ". Impressed!