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5 Herbs You Can Grow in Your Balcony
   by Nina Tambal  •  Aug 22, 2023  •  General

Ever contemplated on creating your own balcony garden?

If you’re a plantito, plantita, halamom, or haladad who wants to start a new gardening project, then this one is for you.

Or perhaps you’re a home cook that wants easy access to some of the best herbs for your meals.

Either way, we’ve gone ahead and found the five herbs you can grow in your balcony. Read on for some tips and tricks about these plants.

1. Basil

If you’re a big fan of pizza or pasta–or both–this is the perfect herb for you! Basil is commonly used as a topping on pizza or garnish on pasta.

As for planting, basil can be kept in a small pot (six to eight inches) with sufficient drainage holes. They require frequent watering - around one inch of water per week.

You must avoid drying the soil out, especially in high temperatures, as well as overwatering. Check the condition of its soil by poking your finger in it before watering again.

2. Coriander

This is an herb that people either love or hate. If you’re a part of the former, remember to get a deep and wide container for your coriander.

Like basil, coriander needs approximately one inch of water weekly. Keep its soil damp, not wet. Good drainage is also essential.

Make sure to never wet the foliage, because this will cause powdery mildew.

Once it’s grown, enjoy the fruits of your labor with dishes such as Thai curry, Vietnamese pho, and more!

3. Mint

Did you know that mint can be grown in both water and soil? The best part about this herb is that you can keep it in a container as small as a coffee mug. It’s not fussy about its home!

What you need to be mindful of though is its sun exposure. Since the intention is to grow mint on the balcony, you’re set.

They only need to be watered two to three times a week. Unless you’re growing it in water, which has a whole other set of instructions.

Make the most of your herb with mint infused water, mojito, or even mint pesto.

4. Parsley

If you’re into chimichurri or tabbouleh, this is the herb you need to grow in your balcony.

Parsley requires a deep pot (around eight to ten inches) and water once a week for consistently moist soil.

Parsley thrives with some mulch in the pot as it helps retain moisture. Keep the mulch away from the base of the stems though to prevent rot.

5. Oregano

This herb is another ode to pizza and pasta lovers, plus fans of Mediterranean cuisine.

Depending on the type of oregano you want to grow, you will either need an eight- to twelve-inch pot or a six- to eight- inch pot. Consult with your plant provider.

As for watering, oregano prefers its soil to be on the drier side. The ideal frequency would be two to three times per week.

Final thoughts

Shoutout to all our plantitos, plantitas, halamoms, and haladads!

We hope that this quick guide on herbs you can grow in your balcony has helped and we’re excited for you to cultivate your very own balcony garden.

Remember to trust and enjoy the process from start to finish.

Happy planting and happy renting, everyone!


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