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Why You Should Respond to Tenant Inquiries Quickly and How to Do it
   by Ice Artificio  •  Mar 12, 2019  •  General
Tenants looking for units to rent out are similar to finding a match in a dating site: they have many options and spend very little time getting to know each prospect before moving to the next.

When you’ve made your placement a “love at first sight material” with great photos and a well written copy, you need to make sure you follow through quickly and courteously.

Responding quickly gives you a better chance to create a conversation, schedule a viewing, and closing the sale.

How you converse can also leave a lasting impression as a brand, broker, lessor, or landlord.

Here are some valuable pointers on how to respond to these inquiries:

1. Respond within the hour or within the day
Inquiries can come at any time of the day. It may be difficult to respond quickly at times especially when you have your hands full trying to take care of your other tenants.

Take the time to respond within the hour or within the day at most. Doing this will keep your leads interested and increase your chances in scheduling a viewing.

2. Create customizable template responses
To save time and to allow you to respond to queries quick and easy, it is wise to have template responses ready.

Write ready-made responses that you can easily edit for commonly asked questions like your unit’s address, landmarks, unit size, number of rooms, amenities, payment options etc.

3. Sound professional
Your responses should always be in complete sentences. Avoid using text speak or words that are difficult to understand.

It’s easy to stand out by having better crafted responses. It gives the potential renter an impression that you have been in this business for a while and that you know what you are doing.

This can also help deter no-shows to an extent as it would show that you mean business and it would be embarrassing to waste your time.

4. Be courteous
Some inquiries may sound redundant, asking questions that were already stated in your unit’s description.

It can and will happen many times. Have a little patience with your potential tenants and use your templates to answer their queries swiftly without taking up too much of your day.

5. Follow up leads before they grow cold
As with any business transaction, leads can waver and fail to respond because of a multitude of reasons.

Screen and take note of queries or those who have done a viewing that you think could be great tenants and send a follow up message.

This is where you invest a little bit more time in asking if they liked the unit or if there were amenities they are looking for, if they have more questions or if they would prefer another viewing.

Sometimes a subtle nudge in the right direction or a quick reminder can help make would-be tenants decide to take on a unit.

There will always be unruly queries and even no-shows. These are all unavoidable and part of the advertising process.

Respond to all queries but focus your efforts on potential renters that are easy to talk to and do not raise any red flags. Screen tenants to save time and stay away from potentially bad ones.

Do you have any pro tips on how to best respond to queries? We’d love to hear them in the comments below!

Happy renting!

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Tina Balana
Well noted. Thank you

Dianne Lacap
Agree, it works to seal the deal :)

Lerma Garcia
Very nice tips thank you!

Jocelyn Carus
Thank you

Dong Tagalog
I will apply this to all of my inquiries thank you

Erlinda Trapal
Been doing, just plsin instinct that if someone write you s letter, it is but right to respond so the petsom is not left hanging. And yes. have used some encouraging words pertaining to the propertu vs. i others. Thanks.

Sherry Diaz
It would also be helpful to screen prospects by asking simple questions such as how many will stay in the unit, do they have pets etc or other information that are your non negotiables. This way it helps save your and the prospect’s time and energy

Julie Timbang
Professionalism is the key to seal a good deal! Good tips to deal

Ides Rosales
Useful tips..

Meriam Rubi
thank you!


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