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5 Traits Renters Look For in Brokers, Agents, and Unit Owners
   by Nina Tambal  •  Aug 25, 2022  •  General
Image credit: Austin Distel on Unsplash.com

No matter how long or brief you’ve been in the real estate industry, you must know that tenant relationships are important.

One strong landlord-tenant relationship can create a positive ripple effect. Whether that’s through potential referrals or renewals.

So, how can you achieve this or maintain this in the long-run? What exactly are the traits that renters want in a unit owner or broker?

The good news is there are only five vital ones you need to keep in mind and authentically imbibe. Read on to find out all about them.

1. Professional

Image credit: Hunters Race on Unsplash.com

There’s a reason why we separate professional from personal matters. When dealing with a tenant, a business transaction is made.

Thus, it’s important for you to keep a professional attitude. Immediate responses to inquiries are highly appreciated as well as proper documentation of all business activities.

Not only that, but also being on time and dressing appropriately shows you care and respect the renter.

Here is a review from a tenant regarding one of our user’s professionalism:

"Very satisfied how Bangs Realty handled my query and comments with the property and documentation. Raymond is very accommodating and easy to deal with. Very helpful."Click here to see the review

2. Organized

Image credit: Marissa Grootes on Unsplash.com

In line with being professional, you also have to be organized. This is so you can ensure quick and smooth transactions with your tenants.

Always have leasing applications, receipts, lease agreements, any documented communication between you and your tenant, and rent collection records in handy. These will be useful for both your potential and existing renters.

Try to have move-in and move-out checklists and emergency contact information with you as well. You never know when you might need them.

Here is what one of our user’s tenants had to say about their organized services:

"Transaction with Ms. Irene was smooth and fast. She has always been accomodating and helpful since my day one. I think that's the main reason why many people avail her service. I appreciate her and for that I recommend all of you to get her service."Click here to see the review

3. Helpful

Image credit: Remi Walle on Unsplash.com

As you can tell, there are other wonderful traits beyond being professional and organized. You also have to be helpful to renters all across the board.

Empathy and understanding are the keys to this particular trait. Don’t be afraid to put yourself in their shoes and help them with their unit needs. Consider their concerns with sincerity and hear them out whenever appropriate.

Here is feedback for one of our users that went above and beyond to help their tenant:

"Zam has been very helpful in finding me a good condo in Cebu…She is very trustworthy and accommodating and someone you can really and truly trust.. She even helped me hookup my internet and get water delivered to my condo prior to move in. I will definitely be using Zam again and I will be recommending her to all my friends coming to Cebu…She comes highly recommended by everyone.Thank you so much Zammie for everything… Darryl"Click here to see the review

4. Reliable

Image credit: Brett Jordan on Unsplash.com

Reliability may be similar to helpfulness, but what makes them different is being transparent and keeping your word. You can be helpful one time and then just get it over and done with.

To be reliable is to be consistent. Your renter wants to trust and know that you will be there for them from the start of the exchange up until the end. This may even result to a renewal!

Here is a prime example of being reliable as a real estate professional:

"Jaq knows how to balance the need to protect both the lessor and the lessee. Jaq will help you from start (inquiries) until end (move-in)."Click here to see the review

5. Flexible

Image credit: Austin Distel on Unsplash.com

At one point, you will have to roll with the punches and meet the tenant’s asks halfway. Or maybe deal with a renter that needs a place ASAP.

This is where flexibility comes in. You have to be agile enough to accommodate a variety of concerns, and with efficiency.

Here is a review for one of Rentpad’s users who managed to become flexible with ease:

"Ma'am Irene helped me pick a unit on a tight schedule without much hassle. She helped with all the paperworks and made sure to double check everything. Even now after I've transferred she still continues to help me. " Click here to see the review

Final thoughts

And there you go.

Those are the five traits renters want in a unit owner or broker. Backed up by actual reviews from tenants on Rentpad.

Most importantly, these traits should be embodied with authenticity. Because at the end of the day, when you are genuine with your renter, it translates to sustainable and better results.

I wish all unit owners, brokers, landlords, and leasing professionals the best of luck out there. You have it in you to claim the success you deserve!

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Oliver Dequina
Very well said, thank you

Jessie Ang
Thank you very much, A great help & guide to be a successful broker .

Tricia Valencia
Worth my time, thank you for this article!


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