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Five Surefire Ways to Make a Small Space Look Bigger
   by Nina Tambal  •  Jan 21, 2019  •  General
Ever wanted to spruce up your humble abode in the best way possible?

Are you interested in the clever inner workings of interior design?

Well then, you’ve come to the right place!

People usually say, “The bigger, the better”, but sometimes that’s not necessarily the case.

Whether you’re an independent professional living in an adequate apartment or a close-knit family residing in a modest condo, I’ve got you covered.

Here are five foolproof ways to make small interiors appear bigger.

1.   Use light colors on your walls and floor
Dark colors are tempting to use. They look modern and sleek, and also elegant and timeless. But the thing with dark shades is that instead of reflecting light, it absorbs it. This can make a room feel even smaller than it already is.

My advice? Try getting dark-colored furniture or decor instead. This will make a good contrast with your lighter-colored walls and floors.

2.   Get statement furniture and follow a color scheme
The go-to statement furniture that, in my opinion, every condo or apartment renter needs is an awesome couch. More often than not, your living room isn’t going to be the most spacious in the house.

But having one great sofa strategically placed there, instead of multiple small chairs, will certainly make the space look bigger. In connection with this, another useful tip I would give is get furniture that has exposed legs.

Once you’ve purchased or figured out what your statement furniture is going to be, you can also follow a color scheme of your own. For example, if your favorite color is blue, you can go ahead and use different shades of this same color around the room.

From your rug to even your cushions and pillows, your creativity and imagination can run wild and free!

3.   Make use of stripes or art
Here’s another pointer that will get your creative juices flowing!

Just like how vertical-striped clothing makes a person look taller, vertical-striped home accessories will make your condo appear longer.

You can get a stylish rug or playful wallpaper, maybe a striped couch as well. The sky is your limit. You can even try putting some chic art in the mix.

People usually like having a gallery wall in their apartment. It’s a way of expressing one’s self through several, although smaller, artistic pieces. But if you live in a smaller space, the best option would be getting big (and bold) art.

A dramatic painting or vintage poster that will add vibrancy to a room.

4.   Keep your windows uncovered
The more light there is in your home, the more depth it will have. Which is why it’d be nice if your windows stay uncovered.

But of course, if you’re worried about your privacy, you can always opt for blinds or roman shades. Curtains have a tendency to make a space look crowded, so it’s best to chuck those away.

5.   Place your mirrors strategically around the unit
Another great way to have more light in your apartment or condo is through mirrors. If you place your mirror across from a window, you will be able to reflect light in the room. And voila! The area will look larger than it is.

Final thoughts
The beginning of the year usually gets us pumped and motivated. You’ve got resolutions to take care of and aspirational goals to set. And making sure your very own home is in top shape is no exception.

So, why don’t you try some of these tips and put your own twist to it? Revel in even the smallest details and create or renew a living space that you will most certainly be proud of no matter what!

Photo by deborah cortelazzi on Unsplash
unsplash-logodeborah cortelazzi

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Linda Bataican
Thank you this is very helpful especially nowadays when sometimes one’s budget is limited to a studio unit.

Mdshahinur Rahman
Hi I'm sk interior design Shahin

Jeaneth Orbegoso


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