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10 House Plants Perfect For Condo Living
   by Nina Tambal  •  Jul 07, 2023  •  General

Calling all aspiring plantitos, plantitas, halamoms, and haladads! Specifically those who are currently renting an apartment or condo.

The next best thing one can have around at home besides an actual baby and/or a fur baby, is a plant baby. But we’re well aware that not all plants are suitable to grow indoors.

So, we’ve gathered and narrowed down the 10 house plants perfect for condo living. Read on to get started on your plant parent journey.

Or if you’re already a plant guardian, add another to your humble indoor "garden".

1. Snake Plant

This is usually the plant many experts recommend not only to take care of indoors, but for beginners as well.

Its striped leaves usually stand tall and proud, but there are many options you can choose from including dwarf varieties (as shown above).

Snake plants require water every two weeks and low light conditions. If you want it to grow faster, feel free to expose it to brighter light.

2. String of Hearts

This plant may look delicate, but trust us when we say it’s resilient.

It has unique heart-shaped leaves that are silver-grey with a hint of pink. Imagine displaying this on your shelf or bedside table!

The string of hearts are happy with most room temperatures, just avoid direct sunlight as they tend to like most soil. As for water, once or twice a week will do.

3. Swiss Cheese Plant

This plant oozes ultimate tropical vibes, making it the perfect house plant for Filipinos.

It has giant glossy leaves and is an instant showstopper. Bear in mind though that it needs to be propped up on moss cover poles to mimic trees that they hold onto in the wild.

The Swiss cheese plant, also known as monstera deliciosa, thrives in warm temperatures and only needs to be watered every two weeks.

4. ZZ Plant

If there’s an indoor plant that screams evergreen, it’s this one.

The ZZ plant or ric-rac plant has almost perfectly shaped dark glossy slender leaves. Not only that, but it also has air purifying capabilities.

It is highly drought tolerant and will be happy to reside in a shady spot of your home or anywhere with indirect light. Make sure to water it every two to three weeks.

5. Succulents

Who could ever forget our beloved succulents? This is definitely an indoor plant favorite. We couldn’t choose just one.

It varies in shape, form, size, color, and height, allowing you to select from a wide array of plants!

The more popular options would be aloe vera and cactus, but we encourage you to explore others like the jade plant and panda plant.

Succulents thrive under bright light with dry conditions. So, avoid putting them in the kitchen or bathroom. Ensure that the soil is completely dry when you water them.

6. Peace Lily

We know what you’re thinking: finally, a flower! And you can count on four more ahead.

Peace lilies are popular among indoor plants and it’s not hard to see why. It’s effortlessly chic and can easily class up any room.

Moreover, this plant effectively removes air pollutants in your home, according to the NASA Clean Air Study.

Avoid direct sunlight for peace lilies, but keep it in a fairly bright spot. As for watering needs, they’ll actually tell you when they’re thirsty by drooping their leaves.

7. Anthurium

Needless to say that this plant will instantly add color to your home as they come in red, pink, or white.

They grow best in indoor temperatures and require low light. Water your anthurium once a week and you’re good to go.

Just be cautious of too much or too frequent watering, because it may lead to root rot. Allow for the soil to dry out between waterings.

8. Bromeliad

Another beautiful tropical plant is in our midst. A bromeliad would make a lovely pairing with the Swiss cheese plant (from a decor perspective).

Its brilliantly colored leaves come in fuchsia, orange, yellow, or red. Fun fact: bromeliads are related to pineapples!

Put this plant in a sunny spot (indirect light) in your condo and water them every one to two weeks. Since they’re drought-tolerant, they dislike being over-watered.

9. Orchid

Yes, you read that right. Orchids are wonderful indoor plants, so we couldn’t resist adding it on our list.

Don’t be fooled by their fragile appearance! They can bloom for months and live for many years with little care.

As long as you provide bright, indirect light and water them once a week, you can happily watch orchids bloom in your very own home.

10. Kalanchoe

One last flower to wrap it all up! Kalanchoes offer bright red, yellow, pink, or orange flower clusters.

Similar to others mentioned above, this plant likes bright indirect light and minimal water (every two to three weeks).

Pro-tip: Cut off its flower head after it fizzles. This way, you have the option to either compost it or enjoy its foliage all year long.

Final thoughts

Excited yet?

We hope that these plants we’ve listed down suit your fancy. If so, collect and select. The more, the merrier!

You can never have too much plant babies. Though if you’re a beginner, we’d recommend starting with one first. Just to see if taking care of plants is for you.

Other than that, we wish you the best of luck.

Happy planting and happy renting, everyone!


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