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Affordable Ways to Make Your Condo Look Sleek and Polished
   by Nina Tambal  •  Feb 26, 2019  •  General
One of the greatest things about interior design is that you can use it as a tool to express yourself through your home.

You’ll see apartments with grand Victorian or Mediterranean interiors, fit for royalty. You’ll also see condos with unique shabby chic or Asian designs, perfect for the vibrant and artistic individual.

If this is a topic that piques your interest and you also happen to be into the modern or contemporary interior design style, go on and have an enjoyable read ahead!

Here are some tips that will make your living space look sleek and polished in the most affordable ways possible.

1. Delve into the art of minimalism
There’s nothing else that screams sleek and polished than the very concept of minimalism.

After all, less is certainly more.

Keeping your clutter to a minimum will always benefit you.

Get rid of things that you haven’t used in a while or you simply don’t want anymore. Then, organize what you have left in proper existing storage or storages you may have.

Once you’ve sorted all of that out, you can have fun by creating your own vignettes all over the house. For a touch of personality that your home needs.

2. Get creative with paint
No one can deny that it is cheaper to paint a room than wallpaper it.

So, how about revamping your bedroom with a color that suits your taste more or adding a pop of color in your living room?

Better yet, why don’t you try getting some stainless steel paint and use it on your refrigerator or stove (only if it’s plain white though)? For a bit of a kitchen appliance facelift. The shade of gray that stainless steel has definitely looks polished.

Another great tip that comes to mind is painting only half of your wall. It creates the illusion of having higher ceilings.

You can paint the bottom half whatever color you prefer and then leave the top half white or off-white. Not only will the room look sleek, it will also appear spacious!

3. Add decorative molding
Decorative molding is one of the easiest ways to make your house look stylish and it is also affordable! Plus, you wouldn’t need too much of it if you want to spruce your place up just a tiny little bit.

You can choose to do it yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. Either way, you won’t be cutting much of your budget.

In order to achieve the most sophisticated look, have the moldings painted the same color as your walls.

4. Update old fixtures
This is a tip that can be applied to the little details in your condo.

Much like the small things we do for our body like getting a new haircut, updating old fixtures at home will prove to be valuable.

You can start by changing your doorknob or handles, even drawer pulls and light switch plates. It doesn’t matter how tiny the object is.

Even the smallest changes can give your apartment a new look.

Upgrading your lights can also be an inexpensive way to elevate your house’s aesthetic.

5. Create your own art
This is a tip wherein you can truly shine and express yourself in the best way.

Draw, paint, or ornament to your heart’s desire! Create art that both inspires you and makes you feel proud to have the home that you have.

You can place it in your living room for your guests to see when they come over or in the dining room for culinary stimulation.

You can even have it in tucked away in the privacy of your bedroom.

And if you really want to that sleek and polished look for your apartment, try covering an electrical board with your art.

Final thoughts
I am, by no means, a professional interior designer. But I’ve always had a certain fascination to the craft.

There’s just something magical about choosing furniture and décor according to your taste and then later arranging them in a way that sparks pure joy in you. Much like painting your own definition of art on a blank canvas.

So, I hope that at least one of these tips has the same effect on you.

Wait no longer to gear up for an exciting redecoration of your condo!

Conduct your very own mini home beautification project today.

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Helen Carmon
I love your tips. Thanks.

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Thanks for the great tips


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