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7 Pet Care Tips for Condo Renters this Summer
   by Ice Artificio  •  Jun 11, 2020  •  General
With the recent 40 degree temperatures, we’re not the only ones suffering from the intense heat.

Our pets feel it too. What’s more complicated is that they aren’t always able to voice it out or you may not be around when it happens. In my case, our cat had a minor case of staph infection.

The vet said her immune system was most likely weakened by the stress from the heat and recommended we put her in a better ventilated and cool area.

But enough sad stories, your pets also react to the extreme heat, and with that, here are some summer tips to keep your pets happy and healthy.

Don't Leave Them in Your Condo without Proper Ventilation
You know more than anyone how hot your condo is after a long day without AC. Your pet will have to suffer through that heat when you leave for work or go outside and they won’t be able to do anything.

Leave your AC on at a decent temperature so they won’t overheat while you are away. You don’t have to blast all the AC in your whole condo, just in one room where your pet can sit near the AC is sufficient.

Heat exhaustion is real, even for animals. Especially for dogs because they do not sweat out excess body heat with their very limited sweat glands (they have a few on their paws).

Making sure they drink water goes a long way. Make sure water is always available for them and take frequent water breaks when you walk your pet.

Keep Their Paws Cool
Imagine walking barefoot in that hot pavement. Not good right? It’s the same for your pets. If you are going out, make sure their paws are protected from the intense heat with comfortable shoes.

Shade and Sunscreen
When you head to the beach for some fun, make sure to lather on some UV protection for yourself and your pet. As they are also prone to sun burns and skin cancer, some sunscreen can help as well as keeping them in the shade so they can enjoy the sun safely.

Extra Baths
While some pets love bathing, other just dread it. More frequent bathing will not only help them keep their cool and prevent fleas, ticks, or even staph. If they do love the water, a mini kiddie pool or basin where they can play will be appreciated.

Time for Grooming
Furrier pets are more at risk in the summer. Huskies with thick manes or Persians with their fluffy coat will have a harder time in the heat.

A good grooming to trim or shave their usually mangy hair will help them cool down. Some opt to just shave their pets’ hair to also help prevent ticks, but be careful as some dogs experience lower self-esteem when their whole crowning glory is shaved off.

When Sick, Don't Self-Medicate
We’re all guilty of self-medicating. Simply because the symptoms are not as severe or we want to save a few bucks.

Unfortunately, as they are an entirely different species from us, their medical care isn’t always the same. When you see signs of ticks, fleas, or even staph, bring them to your trusty vet for proper medication and care.

City living means it will be a lot hotter because of the infrastructure, less shade, and more pollution as opposed to living in the suburbs.

Don’t worry, there are ways to make your condo a habitable and enjoyable place to live with your pets.

Stay out of direct sunlight, hydrate, and have a good summer :)

Any stay cool, tips for other pet owners? Share them in the comments below!

Happy renting!

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Maricar Rivera
A massively insightful article, these come so handily. Thanks a million.


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