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What Places Should Be Near My Apartment
   by Ice Artificio  •  Feb 17, 2017  •  General
Finding a long-term rental means making the new place your new home and learning to be “at home” in your new neighborhood. The establishments around your potential renting space play an important part and is something you also need to consider.

From serious must-know places to stores that can help make living easier, here’s a checklist of which establishments you should look for when searching for a good place to rent:

Police Station/Fire Station
Remember how numbers to police stations, fire departments, and hospitals are always stuck on the fridge? They’re as important now that you’re making your new home. While we never wish for accidents to happen, lives can be saved by having that information handy.

“How many minutes away is the nearest hospital/clinic?”, “Is it a walkable distance?”, are two vital questions you need answers to even before the need for medical attention arises. When someone suffers an accident, this knowledge will help you make decisions when you are pressed for time.

Whether it is a full-service laundromat or one of those DIY laundry places, check out how far they are from your potential new place of residence, if they deliver, and their working hours.

Water Station
It is easy to overlook the need for clean drinking water when parents or other people have been getting them for you at home. It is vital to get access to potable water to keep you hydrated. Getting sick from faucet water while away from home is the last thing you want.

24/7 Convenience Stores
Today’s generation of workers now have odd working hours. When all the other eating areas are closed and you are unable to cook, where will you get your sustenance? Scour the area for 711s, Mini Stops, Family Marts and food stores that are open ‘round the clock. Even if you work regular hours, this knowledge will help you know where to run to when those food cravings visit you at the dead of night.

Living independently also means handling your finances properly. Having instant access to cash is important, especially for someone living alone. Look for automated teller machines near you that are well lit, well guarded, and looks safe to use, even at 2 in the morning.

Wet and dry markets, supermarkets, groceries – where you get your fresh produce, meats, and other food items is important. Fortunately, many supermarket chains have answered this need by putting up establishments near condominiums. There are also special weekend markets around the metro that you might want to look up. If you’re looking to save on fresh food and do not mind getting a little dirty, it pays to know where the nearest wet and dry market or palengke is.

Aside from proximity from work or school, what’s around you can help make your new living area more convenient, especially as renting may have constraints like not being able to cook or not having your own washing machine. Ask your broker or potential landlord, they’re likely to know their neighborhood very well and will be more than happy to tell you about these establishments, hole in the wall restaurants and other must-sees in their area.

Happy renting! :)

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Pearls Letting Agency
Nice post, very informative :)

Nanette Reyes
Very true. Thank you so much for sharing. Hope to see more blog posts to come!

Thess Loria
Very helpful. Thanks for sharing :)

Ice Artificio
Thank you guys! We are happy to hear that you found them helpful :)

Concepcion Mula
Thanks for sharing. It's very helpful.

This is nice and informative. Do you guys have some calendar where guest will know if the place is available or not by looking at it. There are people who asks my unit and I often told them that my place is available or not on the date they are looking for.

Chux Hizon
Hello Rey, welcome to the Rentpad Community! Thanks for adding your thoughts and the feature you suggested seem to be a useful one. We'll add this to our feature requests and see what or development team can come up with.

Mitz Camello
Very helpful. Tyvm and God Bless Rentpad

Francis Gatilago
This is great! thanks for sharing and more power Rentpad.

Geneve Lago
This is so great! Very helpful.... thank you for sharing.

Julieta Balquin
Thank you...Rentpad

Ides Rosales
Excellent info.. very helpful..

Paola Simpelo
Thanks for this! It would really help people especially with family that have little ones.

Victor Hou
Useful information.

Cai Salcedo
Very beneficial.

Jenny Dulduao
Nice place. Thanks for sharing

Stephen Tara
Good afternoon we have a unit in Eastwood city the area does not seem to be highlighted in areas people can choose when posting a lead as you are aware Eastwood is same as the fort area and a lot better in my opinion so holiday makers should be able to choose Eastwood as a destination if somebody is coming for first time they may not be aware of Eastwood city area or even if they have been before same can this be added if possible .thanks steve

Chux Hizon
Hello Stephen, yeah I agree- that is a good idea to explore on. This is on our charts now and our team shall pick this up. Thanks for sending in your thoughts & ideas!

Keith Santos
Kudos Rentpad! The site is getting better, informative and helpful for the clients. More blessing to you guys!


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