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Things in Your Home That Needs Weekly Cleaning
   by Ice Artificio  •  Apr 07, 2017  •  General
The weekend is fast approaching. Yay!

One of the things we dread/love but have to do is cleaning. For many of us who work around 40 hours a week, the weekend is the best time to give our home some good TLC. At the same time, it is also the time to relax, get some me-time, spend quality time with loved ones, pursue a hobby – basically all the things you cannot do on a work day. Squeezing all that in 2 days can be difficult and before you know it, your 48 hours have already gone by. To avoid neglecting to clean or losing all your time getting chores done, it helps to make a checklist.

Allot a certain amount of time to cleaning and what you need to prioritize in your list, this way you can maximize the time you have and still get some R&R.

Here are areas in your home and specific items to clean that you can add to your list to make a productive weekend cleaning.

In the Living Room
Things to focus on: furniture, carpets, rugs, floors

Dust gets everywhere. It took me most of my adolescent life to accept that truth. These small particles that leave a small film on pieces of furniture can be abrasive and will speed up wear and tear. Left uncleaned, it can trigger asthma attacks and other allergies. Your carpets and rugs also soak a good amount of dust, pet dander, crumbs, and almost everything susceptible to gravity.

Take a cloth damp with water or a multipurpose cleaner and polish off the dust from couches and tables. Use a special cleaner for TVs or other gadgets you have. Sweep the floor and vacuum carpets and rugs.

In the Kitchen
Things to focus on: microwave, oven, stove, kitchen sponge, corners in your kitchen where food crumbs likely fall

Food bits and oil splatters are an inevitable part of cooking. Your microwave also gets a good splatter of food items that it has reheated for you during the week.

Give your stove top, microwave, refrigerator and other kitchen surfaces a good wipe down with sponge damp detergent soap and water. A good hack to clean your sponge is to soak it in water and put it in the microwave for 30-60 seconds. Make sure your sponge has a place to dry thoroughly to make it less hospitable to bacteria.

In the Bathroom
Things to focus on: toilet, tub, bathroom floors

Research shows that the dirtiest area in your home is your bathroom. This is why the place where you clean yourself should also be cleaned frequently.

Pour a cup of bleach or strong hard surface cleaner in your toilet. Scrub and leave for 5 minutes before flushing. Wash walls and wipe surfaces with a cleaner that targets mold and mildew. The most important part after cleaning is allowing bathroom surfaces to dry.

In the Bedroom
Things to focus on: changing sheets, furniture

Thankfully, your bedroom should not accumulate a ton of dirt over the week and will just need some dusting.

Wipe down corners of your bed and other pieces of furniture with a damp cloth. Sweep the floors. Change your bed sheets. Others can get away with up to two weeks without changing, especially if they take a bath right before sleeping. A good rule of thumb is to feel the fabric of your bed sheet after giving it a good shake off. If it still feels dusty or heavy, it’s time to change it.

Whether you love it or hate it, cleaning is part of adult life. There are also many other benefits in keeping your living space clean like keeping away pests, prolonging the life of your furniture, avoiding molds and other bacteria that can make you sick—the list is long. While this does not substitute for a thorough cleaning that needs to be done every few months, putting this routine into place allow you to avoid build up that will require elbow grease to clean. Allowing dirt, grime, or mess to pile up will definitely make the cleaning process longer and harder.

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