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Why A Holiday Staycation May Work for You
   by Ice Artificio  •  Dec 25, 2018  •  General

The holidays are here! No matter how you spend this season, whether with family, friends, significant others, or as a time to give yourself some TLC, where you do it plays an important part in not getting too stressed out during this period. While going out on long trips or coming home to your family has been a norm, Christmas staycations are quickly becoming a popular choice, and for good reason.

Here’s why going for a short-term staycation may be perfect for you this season:

1. You Want to Avoid Traffic
If you’ve ever spent the holidays in the Philippines, you’ll understand the different brand of traffic that comes with the season. The hordes of manic shoppers filling the malls, midnight bazaars, and other pin up stores greatly contribute to the already congested metro. If you want to take advantage of shopping without worrying about the commute, or if you have too much to carry (you can always drop them in your condo and walk back).

2. You Need to Go to Work During the Holidays
With the increasing available units for rent inside business districts, staying within your office area will spare you some extra time to rest or prevent getting late from work. Also, it offers some peace and quiet from the happy but noisy crowd.

3. You Want to Invite More Guests
Let’s say you already have a place of your own, but you want to invite your family, perhaps, your extended family but your current living space cannot accommodate more bodies. Just get a bigger place for the day or days you will be celebrating with them. You also won’t have to worry about your home being judged by the occasional nosy relative.

4. You Want to Take Advantage of the Amenities
The best condos also have some of the best amenities. Pools, spas, saunas, or gyms. These extra facilities that you may not normally have access to are made available by these short-term condos for rent.

5. You Want to Go Somewhere New but Without Traveling Too Far
Vacations are great. I’m personally a big fan, unfortunately, we are not always afforded the time, budget, or energy to go on a faraway adventure. Staycations are a great breather minus the travel time and at a fraction of a cost.

6. When You Need Space and Cleaning is Not at the Top of Your List
The great thing about these short-term condos for rent is that they do not carry with them your home clutter. Most of them are also designed and optimized by experienced interior designers who understand how to maximize space. Some charge a cleaning fee for after your stay or you can pay a professional cleaner- so you can have more time for yourself instead of picking up after your holiday mess.

7. You are Getting Some Maintenance Done
If you need any annual maintenance or hiring someone for deep cleaning to keep your condo in top shape, the perfect to do it is now. You have long vacation breaks and won’t have to go through your stuff as you would on a normal work day. Getting a new paint job, termite treatment, re-grouting—anything that needs time to set without getting any disturbance.

There are many more reasons to opt for a condo staycation this season. Make sure to book your rooms before the good ones run out! However you want to celebrate the holidays, we here at Rentpad wish it be festive, full of cheer, and stress-free. Happy Holidays!

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