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The Lord of Staycations
   by Ice Artificio  •  General  •  Feb 25, 2023
Where is Your NEXT Staycation?
   by Ice Artificio  •  General  •  Jan 19, 2023
How To Improve Your Online Reputation
   by Nina Tambal  •  General  •  Oct 11, 2022
Image credit: Samantha Borges on Unsplash.com Anything and everything is online right now. The incredible acceleration in the virtual real . . .  Continue Reading
How to Follow Up Leads and Close Deals
   by Nina Tambal  •  General  •  Sep 28, 2022
Image credit: Alex Hudson on Unsplash.com Every real estate professional knows how important leads are in the business of renting. . . .  Continue Reading
5 Traits Renters Look For in Brokers, Agents, and Unit Owners
   by Nina Tambal  •  General  •  Aug 25, 2022
Image credit: Austin Distel on Unsplash.com No matter how long or brief you’ve been in the real estate industry, you must know that t . . .  Continue Reading
How to Make Your Condo Fit for a Work From Home Lifestyle
   by Nina Tambal  •  General  •  Feb 10, 2022
Image credit: Mikey Harris on Unsplash.com It’s nearly been two years since one of the most impactful events hit the entire world. And . . .  Continue Reading
Workouts to Try During Quarantine
   by Nina Tambal  •  General  •  Sep 01, 2020
Since the quarantine has been imposed in the Philippines last March, many of us had to find ways to unwind or expand our interests. The activities may be limi . . .  Continue Reading
5 Recipes to Try While in Quarantine
   by Nina Tambal  •  General  •  Aug 13, 2020
On August 3, 2020, it was announced that Metro Manila, along with the provinces of Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, and Rizal will be placed under the Modified Enhanced Communit . . .  Continue Reading
5 Tips for Safe Online Shopping During Quarantine
   by Nina Tambal  •  General  •  Jul 28, 2020
Since we are still encouraged to stay at home as much as possible, we are inclined to find activities we normally do outside indoors instead. Take shopping for example. . . .  Continue Reading
Activities to Try While Staying Safe in Your Apartment
   by Nina Tambal  •  General  •  Jul 21, 2020
With most of the Philippines still under the General Community Quarantine (GCQ), there have been limits to our movements because of social and physical distancing . . .  Continue Reading
How to Sustain Your Real Estate Business Amid the Pandemic
   by Nina Tambal  •  General  •  Jul 08, 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic is certainly a crisis that the entire world did not expect. What once was minor news item back in December 2019 rapidly became an epide . . .  Continue Reading
How to Stay Safe In and Out of Your Condo During a Pandemic
   by Nina Tambal  •  General  •  Jun 23, 2020
Since most of the Philippines is already under a General Community Quarantine (GCQ), more people are allowed to go outside. Meaning that some of us may be go . . .  Continue Reading
Beat Cabin Fever with these Useful Tips
   by Ice Artificio  •  General  •  Jun 18, 2020
The General Community Quarantine (GCQ) has begun. And for many of us, it is a confusing transition period. In the beginning of the Enhanced Community Quaranti . . .  Continue Reading
5 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Rental Property
   by Nina Tambal  •  General  •  Mar 04, 2020
Ask any landlord and they will tell you that increasing your property’s value is fundamental in the realm of real estate. You have to take good care of your . . .  Continue Reading
Tips on Buying Your First Rental Property
   by Nina Tambal  •  General  •  May 28, 2019
The world of real estate is one that is vast and ever-growing. More often than not, you will know someone who is involved in it; whether it’s your uncle, you . . .  Continue Reading
6 Ways For Renters to Save Money Wisely
   by Nina Tambal  •  General  •  May 21, 2019
Are you finding it more and more difficult to save money as time passes? Does it seem impossible to plan your budget wisely? I personally can’t blame you unl . . .  Continue Reading
Earthquake Preparedness for Condo Dwellers
   by Ice Artificio  •  General  •  May 12, 2019
It has been a few weeks since a 6.1 quake hit the metro. After the initial panic has died down, now is the best time to ask yourself as a condo renter: how do you prepar . . .  Continue Reading
Dog Breeds Suitable for Apartment Living
   by Nina Tambal  •  General  •  May 02, 2019
No one can deny that dogs are incredible. I personally think that they’re better companions than actual human beings. They protect you when they sense danger . . .  Continue Reading
Things To Do in Your Apartment Before Going on Vacation
   by Nina Tambal  •  General  •  Apr 18, 2019
‘Tis the season to go on vacation! Summer is officially upon us (the heat loves to prove this more than it should) in the Philippines, as well as the Holy We . . .  Continue Reading
7 Pet Care Tips for Condo Renters this Summer
   by Ice Artificio  •  General  •  Jun 11, 2020
With the recent 40 degree temperatures, we’re not the only ones suffering from the intense heat. Our pets feel it too. What’s more complicated is that they ar . . .  Continue Reading
Cleaning Tips from Cleaning Professionals
   by Ice Artificio  •  General  •  Apr 03, 2019
Learning how to properly clean one’s home is probably one of the most important skills every adult needs to acquire. But if I'm going to be honest with you, d . . .  Continue Reading
How to Effectively Host Gatherings in Your Condo
   by Nina Tambal  •  General  •  Mar 27, 2019
Aching to throw an amazing party or gathering? Perhaps, maybe even the best in town? Well then, you've come to the right place! Being the host of an intimate . . .  Continue Reading
How to Make Your Rental Unit Attractive to Millennials
   by Ice Artificio  •  General  •  Mar 19, 2019
It seems that in the last decade, the word "millennial" has been overused in digital and traditional media. Everybody wants to be an expert on millennials – w . . .  Continue Reading
6 Ways to Purify the Air in Your Condo Unit
   by Ice Artificio  •  General  •  Mar 14, 2019
I have moderate allergies. That manifests itself through nasal congestion, sneezing fits, runny nose, and headache. Severe versions of it shows as . . .  Continue Reading
Essential Items Every Working Gal Needs in Their Condo
   by Nina Tambal  •  General  •  Mar 08, 2019
Are you a working girl that’s just left the mother’s nest? Or are you a long-running independent gal that’s in dire need of a checklist of apartment essential . . .  Continue Reading
Affordable Ways to Make Your Condo Look Sleek and Polished
   by Nina Tambal  •  General  •  Feb 26, 2019
One of the greatest things about interior design is that you can use it as a tool to express yourself through your home. You’ll see apartments with grand Vict . . .  Continue Reading
How to Get Rid of Cooking Smells in Your Apartment
   by Nina Tambal  •  General  •  Feb 19, 2019
Picture this: you’ve just spent a couple of hours creating food magic in the kitchen. You feel accomplished, because of the yummy dish you’ve conjured up. But . . .  Continue Reading
What to Do When You Have a Smelly Apartment
   by Ice Artificio  •  General  •  Feb 12, 2019
"Why does your house smell musty?" "Your place has a funky smell" These are phrases you never want to hear about your condo. . . .  Continue Reading
A Yearly Maintenance Checklist for Renters
   by Ice Artificio  •  General  •  Feb 06, 2019
The biggest question when it comes to maintenance is "who shoulders what"? We’ve asked a number of landlords, brokers, and leasing agents and the co . . .  Continue Reading
5 Resourceful Ways to Maximize a Small Space
   by Nina Tambal  •  General  •  Jan 29, 2019
Aching to create a better and more refreshing look for your condo? Or perhaps you want to make the most out of your quaint new apartment? Well, . . .  Continue Reading
Five Surefire Ways to Make a Small Space Look Bigger
   by Nina Tambal  •  General  •  Jan 21, 2019
Ever wanted to spruce up your humble abode in the best way possible? Are you interested in the clever inner workings of interior design? Well th . . .  Continue Reading
6 Financial Habits Renters Should Kick
   by Ice Artificio  •  General  •  Jan 21, 2019
The start of the year has always been a good reason to start saving up and taking control of your finances. When you are renting, a large chunk of your bud . . .  Continue Reading
How to Safely Rent a Property from an Absentee Landlord
   by Ice Artificio  •  General  •  Jan 21, 2019
An absentee landlord is when the owner of the property does not live in or near the condominium or real estate they are renting out. Today, many Ove . . .  Continue Reading
Pet Care for the Holidays
   by Ice Artificio  •  General  •  Dec 29, 2018
It is quite unnerving to realize it’s suddenly Christmas when it feels like December 1st just rolled by. As easy as it seems for us humans to be over . . .  Continue Reading
Why A Holiday Staycation May Work for You
   by Ice Artificio  •  General  •  Dec 25, 2018
The holidays are here! No matter how you spend this season, whether with family, friends, significant others, or as a time to give yourself some TLC, where you . . .  Continue Reading
Rainy Season Tips for Renters
   by Ice Artificio  •  General  •  Jul 13, 2018
The switch from summer to the rainy season has happened these last three weeks. If this is your first time in the Philippines, brace yourself as it . . .  Continue Reading
6 Condo Improvement Ideas During the Summer
   by Ice Artificio  •  General  •  Apr 25, 2018
The summer heat is here. If this is your first time in the Philippines, you can expect the temperature to rise in the next few months. There ar . . .  Continue Reading
Shang Salcedo Place Review: A Piece of Home in Makati City
   by Ice Artificio  •  General  •  May 09, 2018
The Rentpad Team recently visited one of Shang Properties’ newest residential offering, Shang Salcedo. We were given an opportunity to explore what t . . .  Continue Reading
6 Things to Look for In a Lease Contract
   by Ice Artificio  •  General  •  Apr 02, 2018
It’s hard to go through the fine print of contracts. They’re not easy to digest and oftentimes are peppered with words non-lawyers would have difficulty understanding . . .  Continue Reading
Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Deciding to Rent
   by Ice Artificio  •  General  •  Jan 11, 2018
The end of the year is almost always the best time to start a lease. The long vacations and 13th month payments make it an optimal time to find a new place. This make . . .  Continue Reading
Top Rentpad Reviews for December 2017
   by Ice Artificio  •  General  •  Dec 28, 2017
As the year comes to an end, we’d like to recognize some of this months’ top lessors. Renting a place to means finding a temporary place that you can call home. A pla . . .  Continue Reading
Gift Ideas for Family and Friends Who Rent
   by Ice Artificio  •  General  •  Dec 14, 2017
The holidays are just around the corner as evidenced by the non-stop Christmas songs in the malls, beautiful night lights, and you guessed it –traffic. If this is you . . .  Continue Reading
5 Tips to Get More Inquiries on Rentpad
   by Chux Hizon  •  General  •  May 20, 2022
Image credit: Austin Distel on Unsplash.com As I was looking for a condo to rent for my family's sta . . .  Continue Reading
Things Every Busy Renter Can Automate to Save Time
   by Ice Artificio  •  General  •  Oct 04, 2017
We are all busy. Whether it is to work harder towards our goals or to create more quality memories with our families and loved ones, one thing rings true: . . .  Continue Reading
5 Tips in Short-Term Renting for Lessors
   by Ice Artificio  •  General  •  Sep 21, 2017
Short-term renting is becoming increasingly popular. With the rise of services like Airbnb, and yours truly, Rentpad, a homier experience is now available to renters . . .  Continue Reading
6 Affordable Things You Can Do on A Tagaytay Staycation
   by Ice Artificio  •  General  •  Sep 13, 2017
As I grew older, I have begun to develop an appreciation for staycations. You don’t go very far, don’t do too much, and just relax. One of my favorite destinations ha . . .  Continue Reading
How to Protect Your Apartment from Theft
   by Ice Artificio  •  General  •  Aug 31, 2017
Even with the best securities in place, no place is completely secure with a resourceful, motivated, and experienced criminal. This doesn’t mean it will happen to yo . . .  Continue Reading
Basic Rules Every Landlord Should Include in Their Rental Agreement - Part 2
   by Tina Hizon  •  General  •  Aug 17, 2017
This is Part 2 of the previous article I've written regarding basic rules every lease agreement should have. For those interested in reading the first part, you may d . . .  Continue Reading
Basic Rules Every Landlord Should Include in Their Rental Agreement
   by Tina Hizon  •  General  •  Aug 10, 2017
Every landlord knows that setting down rules for tenants is important for a smooth landlord-tenant relationship and an overall pleasant renting experience. These rule . . .  Continue Reading
How to Avoid Rental Scams
   by Ice Artificio  •  General  •  Mar 03, 2023
You have found the perfect place. Beautiful location, excellent amenities, fits your budget - it’s quite the catch! But hang on, is it bordering the "too g . . .  Continue Reading
3 Reasons Why You Need Reviews on Rentpad
   by Ice Artificio  •  General  •  Jul 18, 2017
When travelling to foreign, unfamiliar places, our knee-jerk reaction has been to look for reviews from reputable people. This is why bloggers and experts have become . . .  Continue Reading
6 Questions to Ask Before You Move in with your Significant Other
   by Ice Artificio  •  General  •  Jun 30, 2017
Moving in with your significant other is a huge leap in a relationship. Unlike picking roommates where you can have a form of detachment and lay down ground rules, sh . . .  Continue Reading
4 Tips to Help Soundproof Your Apartment Without Drilling
   by Ice Artificio  •  General  •  Jun 14, 2017
It’s 10pm. You’re tired from work and just want to rest. You take a shower, brush your teeth, don your favorite pajamas and head to your bed. You’re about to close yo . . .  Continue Reading
8 Items You Need to Check Before Signing That Lease
   by Ice Artificio  •  General  •  May 22, 2017
After a couple of viewings, you have found “the one”. You’ve gone through the contract details and everything seems great. Before you close the deal, there are a coup . . .  Continue Reading
7 Items That Are Cluttering Your Apartment
   by Ice Artificio  •  General  •  May 16, 2017
Living in an apartment means you have limited limited space to work with. While it may not have that much of an immediate impact in larger homes, it is easy to see ho . . .  Continue Reading
Things in Your Home That Needs Weekly Cleaning
   by Ice Artificio  •  General  •  Apr 07, 2017
The weekend is fast approaching. Yay! One of the things we dread/love but have to do is cleaning. For many of us who work around 40 hours a week, the weeke . . .  Continue Reading
10 Questions to Ask a Potential Roommate
   by Ice Artificio  •  General  •  Mar 18, 2017
Roommates: Love them or hate them. One of the perks of being an adult is being able to choose who you are going to live with. They say moving together in a . . .  Continue Reading
How to Keep Good Tenants
   by Ice Artificio  •  General  •  Mar 17, 2017
The screening process for tenants can be arduous and time consuming. From inquiries, to viewings (possibly multiple viewings), contract negotiations, signing, and fin . . .  Continue Reading
What to Do Before, During, and After a Viewing
   by Ice Artificio  •  General  •  Feb 17, 2017
Viewing a unit is one of the first steps a potential tenant must make in finding a unit to rent. After taking an interest in the photos posted online by the lessor, now you can compare and see if the expe . . .  Continue Reading
How to Tidy up Your Living Space the Marie Kondo Way
   by Ice Artificio  •  General  •  Mar 21, 2019
Spring is coming! Even as we do not have 4 seasons in our local climate, everyone can benefit from an annual spring cleaning. . . .  Continue Reading
Why You Should Respond to Tenant Inquiries Quickly and How to Do it
   by Ice Artificio  •  General  •  Mar 12, 2019
Tenants looking for units to rent out are similar to finding a match in a dating site: they have many options and spend very little time getting to know each prospect be . . .  Continue Reading
6 Things to Remember When Leaving Your Condo for Long Vacations
   by Ice Artificio  •  General  •  Jan 05, 2017
The holiday season is among us again. With Christmas right around the corner, the malls are hectic, the roads are busy, and many of us make plans on visiting families or loved ones during the holiday vacation. Amidst all the hustle and bus . . .  Continue Reading
What Places Should Be Near My Apartment
   by Ice Artificio  •  General  •  Feb 17, 2017
Finding a long-term rental means making the new place your new home and learning to be “at home” in your new neighborhood. The establishments around your potential renting space play an important part and is something you also need to consider. . . .  Continue Reading
How to Take Better Photos with a Smart Phone
   by Ice Artificio  •  General  •  Dec 15, 2016
A great photo does wonders for a listing to be noticed. Hiring a photographer may not work for everyone. It can be out of your budget or perhaps a unit needs to be posted rush and you just don’t have the time to find one. Worry not! You can still tak . . .  Continue Reading
8 Things to Ask When Renting for the First Time
   by Ice Artificio  •  General  •  Feb 07, 2019
Renting your own personal space can be a huge move. Whether you will be getting your own place or sharing space with friends or family, the searching process c . . .  Continue Reading
How to Screen Tenants Effectively and Efficiently
   by Tina Hizon  •  General  •  Dec 01, 2016
If you're in the rental business, you've probably experienced uneasiness or even anxiety at some point whenever you have a vacancy. Resist the urge of renting out to the first person who shows interest in your property just to avoid vacancies. You sh . . .  Continue Reading